Jesse Bass has been tutoring and teaching Math through AB/BC Calculus, the Math and Science sections of the ACT, and the Math section of the SAT with Carnegie Prep for over 15 years! He was named The Math Whisperer in the New Canaan-Darien Magazine.

A New Englander at heart, Jesse moved back to Greenwich after graduating from Arizona State University with a degree in Business Management. It wasn’t long into his weekday 9-5 and weekend tutoring schedule before Jesse realized that his Sundays were more enjoyable than his Mondays and helping students build an appreciation for and experience success in math was what brought him the most joy. Jesse coached the basketball team at his alma mater, Greenwich High School, for seven years and still enjoys stepping onto the court himself from time to time.

Jesse now lives in New Canaan. If you ask Jesse’s 2 year old son, “What does daddy do?” his answer will be “Golf!” every time. When he’s not on the course sinking birdies, Jesse enjoys spending time with his wife and son, cat Motown, and friends.



September 14th Test Date