First, we listen. What are the best options for my child? Should they take the SAT or the ACT? How much can their grades improve? Is repeat testing appropriate? Then, we guide you through the process and—based on your student’s unique circumstances and learning preferences—we develop a specific, actionable plan that has attainable results. This initial plan doesn’t attempt to do everything at once, and we remain in communication with families so that we are always doing what is best for the student.


After a thorough assessment of a student’s academic background, needs, goals, learning styles, and personality, we recommend the best program of study for the individual student — one-on-one tutoring or group courses. Because we do not offer “packages,” we have the flexibility to craft personalized programs that take the individual student into account.


We hold our instructors to the highest standards, requiring that they participate in ongoing training. Moreover, because we have a diverse group of tutors, we can recommend one that best suits a student’s schedule, learning style, and outside interests. The depth and talent of our instructors — combined with our care and expertise in finding the perfect match for each student — is at the heart of who we are.


Even the most careful planning requires revision. Once lessons begin, our teachers and tutors monitor student progress and — on the basis of performance in either group classes or one-on-one tutoring — make any necessary adjustments.

We know that success comes by maintaining a supportive relationship with families and instructors. Our instructors and tutors reach out to families on a regular basis, informing them about student progress and inviting them to be part of our team approach — we all share the same goal.


Nothing makes us happier than helping our students reach their goals, and we always help students improve in the most streamlined way possible, with no wasted effort or unnecessary trade-offs. With unparalleled experience and expertise, Carnegie Prep is committed to helping students succeed.