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Our goal has always been to recommend and match a student with a tutor or teacher who best suits a student’s schedule, learning style, outside interests, and geographical location. Some students have many outside engagements, others live in different states, while still others prefer to be tutored online. Technology has allowed us to provide all students with the flexibility they need through online tutoring.

Through online tutoring we offer one-on-one tutor/student interaction through a virtual whiteboard, audio/video chat, screen sharing, text editor and more. However, it is our tutors’ expertise that ultimately makes this option a success.


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I wanted to tell you that Dan’s tutoring my daughter via Skype is working out really well — much better than either of us imagined. She is very pleased with Dan’s style, patience, knowledge and personality etc. He always spends extra time with her and she is finding the tutoring very helpful.


Dan was very generous with his time (gave me 2-plus hours each time despite charging me for only 1.5 hours) and called me multiple times to check in. The Skype didn’t seem to make any difference, and I greatly appreciated his his time and his interest in helping me improve on the LSAT. Dan has an unparalleled level of enthusiasm.

WR, Student

Dan has gone above and beyond to help my son understand SAT Math 2. My son has had other Math tutors before, and Dan Bass is in an outstanding league of his own. He taught my son to think more logically, which helped him achieve great success on his SAT Math 2 test. Thanks again for employing such talented and brilliant tutors!!

HD, Parent