At Carnegie Prep, we are invested in seeing students as individuals and helping them realize their full potential – whether in the realm of test preparation, academic support, creative enrichment, or holistic development.  CP360° Summer Enrichment Workshops are designed for students to take control of their education and pursue creative and skills-based initiatives to help further their development as students and citizens of the world.

This natural extension of our services encourages our students to briefly pause their linear journeys, and invites them to consider: what’s your vision, for yourself and your world?  These workshops are but a handful of the opportunities that our Carnegie Prep team can facilitate for students as they discover their full, 360-degree view of their life in motion.

Workshops and private mentoring opportunities are available for a wide range of ages – middle school through college, and beyond!
All Workshops take place in Eastern Time.

If you’re interested in pursuing an independent research project, alternative skill, or creative or artistic passion, please contact us to request a mentor.

In addition to our small group workshops, students are welcome to work with an individual mentor. Below you will find some of our most popular requests. Can’t find what you are looking for? Please contact us.