Carnegie Prep is proud to partner with schools and community organizations to provide high-quality custom offerings for students and educators.

From standardized test prep courses and practice tests to executive functioning workshops, we share a common goal with our partners: helping students reach their full potential.

To discuss how we can support your school or organization, please contact us.

What We Offer

Practice Tests – In Person or On Demand

Carnegie Prep is pleased to offer proctored practice tests for our partners’ students. Our individual and group score reports utilize unparalleled metrics to target areas of strength and those in need of improvement. These comprehensive reports yield crucial data analysis for each student and/or testing cohort to guide further test prep. Our new digital testing platform offers exclusive practice SATs with real-time score reports.

Practice Test Options:

  • SAT Practice Tests
  • ACT Practice Tests
  • PSAT Practice Tests

Test Prep Courses – In Person or Online

We work with our community and school partners to deliver standardized test prep courses, tailored to their students and ranging from five-session bootcamps to full eight-week courses. Drawing on over 35 years of curriculum development, our courses cover the content, skills, and strategies required for student success. Taught by teachers with years of classroom experience, our courses include whole class lessons, timed practice tests, custom course materials, and individual assistance.

Test Prep Courses:

  • SAT/ACT Diagnostic Courses
  • SAT Courses
  • ACT Courses
  • PSAT Courses
  • AP Exam Courses
  • SSAT/ISEE Courses

Customized Executive Functioning Workshops and Professional Development

Our customized Executive Functioning workshops are crafted to meet the unique needs of our school partners, their students, and faculty. Student sessions are focused on cultivating the study and time management skills that are required to excel in school, work, and life. The workshop familiarizes students with several key tools to achieve academic organization and executive functioning, including synchronization with the Google Suite of Apps, as well as other Learning Management Systems like Schoology, Blackbaud, Canvas, and more. The goal is to help create a modern digital planner through integrating and implementing five main tools: Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Google Keep, Gmail, and Google Drive. Professional development workshops provide practical and hands-on training for faculty and staff to harness technology and increase productivity and organization.

Other popular custom workshops:

  • College Essays
  • Resume/Interview Prep
  • Financial Literacy

Expanding Access to Test Prep

We are committed to ensuring that all students have access to high-quality test preparation. Through our many financial support options, we can provide individual and group private tutoring tailored to our partners’ needs.

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Our Partners

Every person Carnegie Prep has sent, from John (who helped me be the only girl in my class to get a 5 on physics!!) to Anya (who is the only reason I’m actually getting supplements done) and now Jesse, who finally is making me feel like I have a grasp on math, is so genuinely helpful or nice!

IA, Student

This past year Carnegie provided my son with the appropriate tutoring to ensure he maximized his test scores and of course he did just that. He finished with all 5’s on his AP exams. Also with random tutoring throughout the year from your amazing tutors your staff was instrumental in helping him finish his junior year VERY STRONG -with a transcript to prove it!

SR, Parent

Sam rocks. My son had some issues in math and Sam boosted his score on the SAT by 70 points in just five sessions. If you’re looking for a super tutor for the SAT, look no further than Sam.

JP, Parent

We are thrilled to have found Sam as a tutor. My daughter has always identified as primarily an athlete, but Sam showed her that she can be a successful student as well. Her scores improved as well as her confidence in her academic self!

SGC, Parent

We spoke last summer about engaging a private tutor to work with our son. You recommended a couple and we engaged Cormac. I want you to know that Cormac was a fantastic recommendation! We’ve just gotten back his ACT score – a 33! Cormac was diligent and very patient, especially good at coming up with different approaches when our son was having a hard time absorbing a concept.

JS, Parent

I can’t thank you enough for the services that you provide. My daughter doesn’t need a tutor weekly for three months. Other educational services have wanted us to pay for programs where you had to sign on for a certain number of hours. I always know I can contact you and you’ll find me an amazing person that can help her for just as much or as little as is appropriate for her.

CB, Parent

I just want to let you know what a positive experience I have had with your tutors over the years. You, personally, have always taken the time (often 45 mins or more) to chat with me over the phone about each of my children to match me up the best tutor for each of them. My youngest has just finished up with Sam. He was tremendous!

SC, Parent

My daughter met with Mike on Saturday. She thinks he is amazing and wants to stick with him for Math and Science. She said Mike clarified some things she NEVER understood before. Thanks so much for all your help with this process!

CM, Parent

Thanks so much, Lynn! You and Kyle have been such an incredible part of this journey and we cannot recommend you and him highly enough. Kyle is an outstanding tutor because of his incredible ability to teach but also because of his personality. He somehow combines being a teacher, advisor, and friend to both the students and parents in a way that makes the test process quite civilized.

LS, Parent

Thank you for your support for my son, he definitely benefited from the focused instruction and your dedication.

LC, Parent