There’s more to you than just a transcript, and our goal is to help students discover their passions and make an impact. Sure, your activities and extracurriculars are an important piece of your college application; they are also important in your personal growth. If your goal includes an independent study and/or research project, our experienced mentors can guide you. These personal endeavors may include science and academic research, community service outreach, compiling an arts portfolio, or creating a podcast.

More and more, research projects and independent study can help you stand out in the college admissions process. In fact, the University of Pennsylvania’s admission statistics for the Class of 2026 reported that nearly one-third of accepted students submitted some form of independent academic research! Students can work with a mentor one-on-one or in a small group setting.

If you’re interested in pursuing an independent research project, creative or artistic passion, or learning a new skill, please take a few minutes to fill out the form below so we can recommend the best mentor for you.

Here are just some examples of interests that students have pursued with our mentors in the past: