Launching in February 2024 – Our New Digital Adaptive Practice SATs!

Our schedule for the new digital adaptive SAT practice tests will be available in February.
We will send an email as soon as the schedule is live – make sure you are on our mailing list! Sign up here.

Discover the benefits of taking a Digital SAT Practice Test on our new testing platform:

  • Realistic Test Simulations: Access Carnegie Prep’s digital SAT practice tests, carefully designed to replicate the test.
  • Flexible Testing Options: Choose how and where you test. Take our on-demand digital practice SATs anytime, anywhere. Looking to simulate test day? Opt for the in-person digital SAT at Greenwich Country Day School or New Canaan High School.
  • Instant Score Reports: Our new platform provides real-time score results, giving you immediate feedback on your performance.

Prepare smarter, perform better. Explore digital adaptive SAT testing with
Carnegie Prep.

Practice Test Formats

Practice SATs

CP In Person Digital Practice Tests

In-person practice tests provide a proctored,
classroom environment that simulates the real test day experience.

Practice SATs

On Demand Digital Practice Tests

Take a test anytime, anywhere with our remote testing option. On-Demand practice tests are self-proctored and mirror the official test.

Our SAT practice test schedule will be posted in February 2024.

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