Carnegie Prep offers academic tutoring for all subjects and standardized tests, including regular, honors, AP courses, and the New York State Regents examinations. In addition, we have tutors who specialize in organizational approaches, study skills, and strategies for helping students with learning differences. We also offer college and graduate student academic support and have tutors who specialize in post graduate examinations — GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, DAT, and others.

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I can’t tell you how happy I am with E.’s new super score after all of the hard work that she and Luke put into this past year. I had to drop a letter to you to let you know how wonderful and encouraging and patient Luke was. He is an absolute superstar! Luke really understood what she needed between her test anxiety and lower math/ science score and his combination approach and tactics for stress relief and focusing truly paid off. After having worked with another tutor prior to Luke I can say that he deserves all the praise. After each session that E. would complete with Luke he would send me a detailed report on what area was focused on and specific tailored homework for her to complete for the next session. It was winning, creative combination approach that was genius! All I can say is he was more than a tutor, he was a cheerleader, a creative problem solver and a teacher who TRULY cared. I can’t thank you enough for helping us to unlock E.’s potential by connecting us with Luke.

CO, Student

Every person Carnegie Prep has sent, from John (who helped me be the only girl in my class to get a 5 on physics!!) to Anya (who is the only reason I’m actually getting supplements done) and now Jesse, who finally is making me feel like I have a grasp on math, is so genuinely helpful or nice!

IA, Student

I can’t say enough good things about my son’s tutoring experience with Carnegie Prep. His test scores went up significantly, but what I think is even more important, he went from feeling insecure and overwhelmed to having a level of confidence that has spread to his current studies as well.  The pairing of Kate for English and Mike for math is a combo not to be beat. Their “you can do this” approach instills confidence and brings back pleasure to the learning process.

JG, Parent

I want to thank Sam for his help tutoring my daughter for the ACT. She was able to raise her overall score 4 points to a 35. We were thrilled! I was especially impressed with her improvement given the number of times they met. Sam quickly assessed where she needed to focus her attention and was very deliberate about what they covered in each session. Sam was also very flexible with her busy schedule. Thank you!

B.D., Parent

We can’t thank you enough for recommending Max as a tutor for our son. Our son has so enjoyed working with him in preparation for the PSAT. He is an outstanding tutor, both in his knowledge base and his interpersonal skills. He demonstrates an excellent balance of empathy for the student, encouragement toward the student, and exhortation to work hard.

SB, Parent

This past year Carnegie provided my son with the appropriate tutoring to ensure he maximized his test scores and of course he did just that. He finished with all 5’s on his AP exams. Also with random tutoring throughout the year from your amazing tutors your staff was instrumental in helping him finish his junior year VERY STRONG -with a transcript to prove it!

SR, Parent

Sam’s knowledge of Statistics and ability to explain complicated concepts in a clear and thorough manner was essential to my daughter’s understanding of the subject. She was able to get a great score on the AP exam with his support!

JF, Parent

He has raised his overall score by 170 points over seven months and three tests. Your tutors have played an important role in his success. Some educators are reluctant to acknowledge the importance of standardized tests and yet good results make a huge difference in college outcomes, particularly given grade inflation.

BR, Parent

Sam rocks. My son had some issues in math and Sam boosted his score on the SAT by 70 points in just five sessions. If you’re looking for a super tutor for the SAT, look no further than Sam.

JP, Parent

We are thrilled to have found Sam as a tutor. My daughter has always identified as primarily an athlete, but Sam showed her that she can be a successful student as well. Her scores improved as well as her confidence in her academic self!

SGC, Parent