For both the SAT and ACT, typical test day accommodations include extended time, computer use for essays, extra and extended breaks, and reading and seeing accommodations. Read more about testing accommodations here.



The SAT and ACT both offer optional essays. The SAT essay focuses on understanding a text, and evaluating a person’s argument. The ACT essay asks the test taker to analyze an issue, by coming up with a viewpoint and supporting it.


Multi-day Testing

Multi-day testing is offered for both the SAT and ACT. If students are approved to take the SAT with double time or more, they take the test over the course of two days in their school. Multiple-day testing for the ACT occurs over the course of 2 to 4 days within a two week period following the National ACT Test Date, depending on a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The ACT Multiple-Day test is administered during the school day, rather than on a Saturday test date.


Question-and-Answer Service (QAS)

The Question-and-Answer Service for the SAT allows for you to purchase a copy of the test you took which provides you with the correct answers, scoring information, and a comprehensive report. The comprehensive report helps you review your score in depth by providing the question type and difficulty level for each question on the SAT. You will also be provided with your answers, so you can see if you answered each question correctly. The QAS is only available in October, March, and May and can be purchased for $18.00 when you register or up to five months after you take the test. To purchase the QAS click here.


Score Choice

The College Board allows you to choose which SAT scores you send to colleges and gives you the option to not send scores from a specific date. You can pick the test dates you want colleges to see, and the scores will be sent at no extra cost. However, some schools do not participate in the Score Choice option and require that all SAT test scores be sent for their consideration. Watch the official College Board video below.

Student Answer Service (SAS)

The Student Answer Service for the SAT is offered for the June, August, November, and December test dates. You are able to purchase a report that includes the type of questions, level of difficulty, and whether your answers were correct or incorrect. This report is available when the QAS is not offered, and costs $13.50. Complete the form to purchase the SAS here.



A number of colleges superscore the SAT and ACT, meaning the colleges look at your best score from each section of the test (drawing from multiple test dates) and combine it to give you the highest score personally possible. The Common App will ask you to list your best scores for each section and the test dates on which you received them. Check with the schools you are thinking of applying to in order to see if they superscore.


Test Information Release (TIR)

Test Information Release for the ACT allows for you to purchase a copy of your answers, the correct answers, the test questions, and a table to convert your raw score to the scaled score. If you wrote the Essay, you will also receive the essay prompt, a scoring rubric, and your scores given to the essay by the two ACT readers. The TIR is only available for three test dates (April, June, and December) and costs $18.00. The TIR can be ordered up to six months after the ACT test date.