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At Carnegie Prep, we pride ourselves on working directly with students to identify their learning style and areas for growth. We understand that the test prep process can be overwhelming, and our team of advisors, teachers, and tutors work with families to take it one step at a time.

Finding the Right tutor

Our competitive selection process ensures that our tutors are not only highly intelligent, credentialed thinkers and problem-solvers, but also effective teachers. At Carnegie Prep, we take our extensive pool of experienced tutors and match students with someone that we know will motivate them to success. We take into account student learning needs, personality, common interests,and goals to make sure that every tutoring session is both engaging and effective.

Our Tried & True Diagnostic Process

To help students make the SAT vs. ACT decision, we introduce students to the timing, format, and introductory content of each test. We then recommend students sit for a baseline test of each.  Finally, students review their results with a tutor to make the SAT vs. ACT decision.  Our score reports allow students to analyze their strengths and weaknesses, while also illuminating where they might be missing integral academic content or struggling with timing and strategy.  All students can take one free practice SAT and ACT at their convenience.

Our group diagnostic courses allow students to go through this process surrounded by their peers. We firmly believe that the magic of the classroom can propel students to success!  While we offer our SAT/ACT Diagnostic courses annually during the summer, we also create custom courses for sports teams, study groups, and groups of friends. CP provides the teacher, the curriculum, the materials, and the motivation. To request a custom SAT/ACT diagnostic course, please click here.

Developing a Personalized Plan

After reviewing a student’s test results, our team of advisors and experienced tutors and teachers work with families to identify which test to take, and when to take it. We also advise on whether our one-on-one tutoring or courses will be a better fit for a given student based on their learning style, goals, and study habits.

Ongoing support

Every step of the way, our tutors will help guide you through your test preparation process.  Tutors regularly communicate lesson plans, practice tests, homework assignments, and progress updates to  students and parents to make sure that everyone is two steps ahead.  Carnegie Prep tutors adjust their lessons based upon student performance, and can create customized learning tools to ensure efficient and effective practice.  Each student’s tutoring plan is highly individualized and created according to their needs and goals.

Students with Accommodations

We are committed to helping all students do their best. Our teachers and tutors have years of experience working with students with accommodations, different learning styles, medical conditions, emotional challenges, executive functioning and processing issues, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD. We understand the process of applying for accommodations for all standardized tests (including extended-time and multi-day testing) and have proven methods for preparing for these tests.

Outstanding results

Our experience and expertise is illustrated by our consistent results. With the right tutor and test prep plan, every student is equipped to reach their goals in the most efficient amount of time, while enjoying the process! We ensure that students walk into test day feeling calm and confident, and we are proud to say that their scores speak for themselves: Carnegie Prep students demonstrably improve their scores across all sections of each test.

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