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Every student’s first SAT and ACT is free of charge. Call us at 203.352.3500 to register for your free test. There is a fee for each additional in-person test. CLICK HERE for our pricing guide.

Taking timed practice tests is critical for success on standardized tests. For students making the critical SAT/ACT decision, comparing scores helps them determine which test best suits their learning style and will yield the optimal score. Others utilize these tests to gauge progress towards a target score. All students need to build confidence and stamina for the SAT and ACT and timed practice tests are an integral part of an individual test prep timeline.

We offer in-person practice tests in a classroom environment that simulates the actual test day. If you prefer more flexibility, we provide video-proctored, online practice tests.

Comprehensive Score Reports

All practice tests include our unique, comprehensive score report, which allows for highly-targeted analysis of a student’s strengths and weaknesses.  After receiving a score report, families have the opportunity for a free consultation with one of our academic advisors.

IMPORTANT – Practice Test Policies and Procedures: 

  • Registration closes on Thursdays at 1pm.
  • Please see our Practice Test Cancelation/Credit Policy.
  • Participants are not permitted to bring their own test booklet to in-person practice tests.
  • Participants are required to supply their own pencil, calculator, and water bottle.
  • Students working with a Carnegie Prep PSAT/SAT/ACT tutor, or All Access Pass holders, have access to our complete library of practice tests. These students may request an alternate test during the online checkout process.


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*IMPORTANT: For students working with a Carnegie Prep PSAT/SAT/ACT tutor or those with an All Access Pass, please login to your Carnegie Prep account to have this discount applied when checking out on the website. During checkout, students will have the opportunity to select an alternate test from our complete library.

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