Hello Rick,

First off, thank you so much for helping me, I really feel like you prepared me very well [for the Chemistry SAT Subject Test]. I got a 740. Thanks so much!!!!!

Pam, I wanted to let you know that your approach to providing proofs was so instrumental that my son could not stop talking about it on our ride home. He indicated that he took the writing approach he learned from you and applied it not only to his AP Comp exam, but to all his other AP exams that required similar essays. No doubt that your assistance helped him achieve all 5’s on his tests.

Our daughter is loving these classes! She says you all know her by name, she feels super supported, she says you all are so engaging and make the work so interesting, and she is doing so well! There is nothing in the world more valuable than teachers that inspire and motivate students and make them excited to learn!

My son was accepted early to Dartmouth. He was just notified that he is a National Merit Finalist. He took the SAT twice as his calculator didn’t work the first time he took them. So he got 800 both times on the Critical Reading, Math 690 then 770 and Writing 740 to 760. Rick and all your staff helped – no question.

My son definitely felt prepared! It made a tremendous difference, him taking your class. It also did with my other son way back when two years ago. Your teachers care and you care and it shows.

I just wanted to touch base to let you know that things are going very well with all of my son’s tutors. Hunter, in particular, has been incredible. He has tremendous insight into how to work with a learning-disabled student. He completely changed his strategy with my son when he was worried that my son’s frustrations would affect his moral. I am so impressed!

Once again, your instructors did a great job. C. took a Biology review course recently for her AP test and said Sarah was kind, engaging, and efficient – – all in all, a great teacher.

My other daughter T. went from a 26 to a 32 by taking your ACT Blast. Thank you!!

My daughter applied early decision to Colgate University and got in, and she is thrilled!! Lee was instrumental in helping. He suggested she switch from the SAT to the ACT. She ended up with very high scores, especially compared to the initial SAT performance. It was enough to get her into her first choice college, and she is thrilled.

We spoke last summer about engaging a private tutor to work with our son. You recommended a couple and we engaged Cormac. I want you to know that Cormac was a fantastic recommendation! We’ve just gotten back his ACT score – a 33! Cormac was diligent and very patient, especially good at coming up with different approaches when our son was having a hard time absorbing a concept.

Thank you very much for the tremendous help during the ACT course! I especially appreciated the one-on-one feedback we were able to receive in class as well as the convenience of being able to approach the teacher by email on days where we did not meet. I would gladly enroll in another class.

Dan, I ended up getting an 800. So much of the stuff was outside of what we covered in my Physics class so the course helped me a ton. Thanks so much.

Hi Rob,

Thank you SO MUCH for all your help with Statistics!!! Seriously, if it weren’t for that class I definitely would have gotten a 2 at most, but somehow I managed to get a 5 and it’s all thanks to you!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Duane was incredibly helpful in preparing my daughter for SAT Critical Reading. After just a few sessions with him, my daughter strengthened her skills and the strategies he provided made her feel confident. Her score went from the mid-600s to an 800. She couldn’t have been more thrilled and is so grateful to have found Duane.

Thank you thank you! My daughter so loved the ACT Blast with Peter and Marshall! She said that she understands now how kids who take a course have such an advantage over those that do not. The strategies she learned she could not get from a book or through practice on her own.