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Hi Amanda,

On Monday, K. received a handwritten note from an admissions officer at [a university] – he said her essay was one of most memorable he’s read this year. They are flying her out in March to interview for a full tuition scholarship. Thank you SO MUCH for helping her express the “why” in her common app essay! She couldn’t have done it without you!

Allison was terrific! Can’t say enough. Professional, smart, kind, and on time.

R. was accepted early to the University of Pennsylvania. We’ve been very happy with the quality of your programs, the comprehensive nature of your offerings, and your responsiveness. Even though it was a very stressful time, I would say that our boys often enjoyed your classes. You have a talented group of teachers working for you.

I wanted to reach out and let you know that my son thought you were terrific. He was not super psyched that I ‘made’ him take this prep course and that he is now faced with taking the exam this weekend instead of going to a concert that he had his heart set on. Despite that fact pattern, he still came away saying he thinks you’re a great teacher.

We would like to thank you again for recommending Amanda for tutoring our daughter. She helped her immensely with her ACT, improving her score by 5 points from her prep ACT, giving her the confidence that she needs. Amanda is an amazing tutor, knowledgeable, friendly, gentle, punctual, overall a pleasure to work with!

Every person Carnegie Prep has sent, from John (who helped me be the only girl in my class to get a 5 on physics!!) to Anya (who is the only reason I’m actually getting supplements done) and now Jesse, who finally is making me feel like I have a grasp on math, is so genuinely helpful or nice!

Cathy and Lynn,

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your Biology SAT Subject Test class was efficient & comprehensive preparation for the test. It was a great first experience for us at Carnegie Prep, and we will definitely be back for more (for both daughters)! You provide a valuable service, and we are so grateful to have had access to it.

C. is going to Dickenson College and her ACT score helped qualify her for a $30k scholarship from the school! I’ll be back with you again with her younger sister. Thanks.

I have been meaning to write you to thank you for helping J. out. The fact that he is willing to go and then put in the effort at home is amazing! Especially right after exams, etc. You told him what his teachers have said in his report card for the last several years – but only when you said it that it seemed to resonate with him.

Our daughter’s SAT instructors, Ross and Rick, were terrific and continuously available to her for questions and encouragement. Austin did a great job with the ACT Blitz course. The proof is in the results — 700 on the Writing, 710 on the Critical Reading, and 760 on the Math. Her composite score on the ACT was 34!

Cormac was a fantastic recommendation! We’ve just gotten back G.’s ACT score – a 33! We are all thrilled!Cormac was diligent and very patient. I think Cormac was especially good at coming up with different approaches when G. was having a hard time absorbing a concept. We thank you for putting us in touch with Cormac!

The communication all along the way from your teachers is stellar! Your course is first-rate, so thank you, thank you!

Hi Allison,

So nice to hear from you! My daughter is deciding between Lehigh and Bucknell. Both terrific choices, can’t go wrong!! You were so helpful in this process and I would recommend you to anyone who asks. Thanks Allison!!

I wanted to express my gratitude for Anya. She was a critical part of my acceptance into Wharton. Every week she would help me with my various college essays. She is so understanding and patient and incredibly intelligent. Without her help, neither me nor my brothers would be where we are today.


I trust you got K’s detailed feedback! She found incredible value in your [Math Level 2 SAT Subject Test] course and teachings. She recited several examples tonight of problems on the test that she had not yet learned at Darien High School, but she was able to work through those problems with skills that she learned from you. I give you five stars!