Laurie quickly became the full time math tutor for both my daughters, and then became their tutor for the SSAT prep for high school. Both of my daughter’s grades improved dramatically, and more importantly their confidence. Laurie had a way of always making them feel as though they were able to do anything they put their minds to.

Duane was incredibly helpful in preparing my daughter for SAT Critical Reading. After just a few sessions with him, my daughter strengthened her skills and the strategies he provided made her feel confident. Her score went from the mid-600s to an 800. She couldn’t have been more thrilled and is so grateful to have found Duane.

Cathy, everything we learned from the course was present on the exam, so I am glad you meticulously went over each and every topic we learned at the sessions. There were also a couple of questions from our practice tests on the real test, so it was helpful that you gave us practice tests as homework. I thought you did an excellent job in preparing me for the exam.

I can’t thank you enough for the services that you provide. My daughter doesn’t need a tutor weekly for three months. Other educational services have wanted us to pay for programs where you had to sign on for a certain number of hours. I always know I can contact you and you’ll find me an amazing person that can help her for just as much or as little as is appropriate for her.

Every person Carnegie Prep has sent, from John (who helped me be the only girl in my class to get a 5 on physics!!) to Anya (who is the only reason I’m actually getting supplements done) and now Jesse, who finally is making me feel like I have a grasp on math, is so genuinely helpful or nice!

Thank you so much for recommending Michael. He has a very patient and encouraging style of teaching that leads to outstanding results. My son was scoring in the mid 600 range in Math. My son took his first SAT and earned a PERFECT 800 score in math! I would strongly recommend Michael to any family in need of an exceptional math tutor.

John, I wanted to thank you so much for helping our daughter! She got a 90 on her Iran/China test! She had one of the highest scores on the test! We just can’t thank you enough for all your help! It has really helped her and made a HUGE difference – she currently has an A in this class!

Thank you so much for setting me up with Lee for a very solid SAT Session. I learned a bunch of new tricks for mastering the SAT and think that I performed really well on the most recent SAT. Thank you for all the help you have given me.

Dear John,

Thank you so much for all of your help with AP European History. The exam on Friday went well for me, thanks to all of your instruction about the DBQs and Multiple Choice! I learned so much in your classes, and I feel it prepared me so well for the test! Thank you again!

Cathy, I got a 740!! Thanks so much for your help. I thought the class was super helpful.

I just read the essay. Twice. I am beyond blown away and so moved. Authentic, powerful and real…Personal and serious. I love it so much and so does my daughter. What an incredible professor you must be.

Hey Austin,

So turns out I didn’t make any of those stupid mistakes on the math section for the SATs! I got an 800!!! Thank you so much for everything!!!

Hi Rob,

Thank you SO MUCH for all your help with Statistics!!! Seriously, if it weren’t for that class I definitely would have gotten a 2 at most, but somehow I managed to get a 5 and it’s all thanks to you!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Lynn – just wanted you to know that Chris did a great job with C this spring. A 32 on his first try, a big improvement from his practice test earlier in the fall. Also, he did a great job accommodating our very fluid schedule. Thanks for all the help.

Connor’s deep knowledge and understanding of what it takes to conquer the SAT was undeniable, but what really set him apart was his demeanor and temperament. She was sad to say goodbye to Connor – his tutoring meant that much to her. Thank you for such a positive experience during such a stressful time and for the scores she needed!!