The SAT course was the key to unlocking his potential. This is a kid who truly struggled at school. His success will go far beyond easing the college application process. He is beginning to believe us when we tell him he can. His performance in all areas of life seems to be improving, and his confidence is growing. A parent could not ask for more.

Thank you very much for the tremendous help during the ACT course! I especially appreciated the one-on-one feedback we were able to receive in class as well as the convenience of being able to approach the teacher by email on days where we did not meet. I would gladly enroll in another class.

Hi Rob,

Thank you SO MUCH for all your help with Statistics!!! Seriously, if it weren’t for that class I definitely would have gotten a 2 at most, but somehow I managed to get a 5 and it’s all thanks to you!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Our daughter’s SAT instructors, Ross and Rick, were terrific and continuously available to her for questions and encouragement. Austin did a great job with the ACT Blitz course. The proof is in the results — 700 on the Writing, 710 on the Critical Reading, and 760 on the Math. Her composite score on the ACT was 34!

Thank you so much for recommending Lee. On the January SAT my son got an amazing result! My son always came home and said that Lee challenged him and that he learned something he didn’t know.

I just wanted to take a moment, before SAT scores come in, to thank you for referring us to Jesse. He’s been great for our son in so many ways. He has a great way with young men – he speaks on their level – yet commands their respect and attention. Best of all, he has been a positive influence in the short time he worked with him.

Hi Marshall,

C. got a lot out of the class and really enjoyed having you as her teacher. She says you are “funny, awesome, a great teacher”! Just thought you should know. Thank you for all your effort.

I wanted to share with you the great news. R. scored a total of 227, with a 70 in Critical Reading, 80 in Math, and 77 in Writing. These scores are a 52 point increase from his PSAT last year. Peter and Austin were his PSAT teachers. R. is thrilled at the results. I was glad that he went into the PSAT feeling confident and prepared.

Dear Austin and Marshall,

I decided to take the SAT again in May because I thought I could improve my math score. I got my score back today – 2400! I am beyond happy, and wanted to share the good news, because all of your help made that score a possibility. I thank you for helping me achieve the perfect score! Thanks so much.

This past year Carnegie provided my son with the appropriate tutoring to ensure he maximized his test scores and of course he did just that. He finished with all 5’s on his AP exams. Also with random tutoring throughout the year from your amazing tutors your staff was instrumental in helping him finish his junior year VERY STRONG -with a transcript to prove it!

I have great news! I have accepted my admission to Yale’s Class of 2020! I am very excited about this, as I know Yale is the best fit for me. I can’t thank you and the other Carnegie heroes enough. I really couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. John, Rick, Marshall — you guys rock.


Hey Austin,

So turns out I didn’t make any of those stupid mistakes on the math section for the SATs! I got an 800!!! Thank you so much for everything!!!

Amanda helped my son finish up the supplemental essays today. She was amazing, wonderful, and most of all an excellent tutor! I cannot thank you & her enough for all of her help with these! His AP English teacher read the Common App Supplement and told his the essay was “excellent!” We are thrilled and thankful these are done!

W. was reinvigorated after walking out of John’s class last night! You couldn’t have been more right about the level of appreciation our students have when reminded of how this subject should be taught. Thank you, thank you for all of the last minute support, it is really making the difference for us!

My daughter’s results on the ACT Math and Science sections greatly improved after tutoring with Jesse. Her score improved by 5 points in the science section! Jesse developed a personable rapport with her and quickly identified what she needed. His explanations were thorough and insightful, and my daughter enjoyed working with him.