Chris was an amazing tutor! Chris really took the time to get to know my son’s strengths and weaknesses so that he could advise us on which direction to go (ACT vs. SAT). He also offered many different strategies and tips based on my son’s needs. I will definitely be calling on Chris when my next son is ready to start this process.

My diagnostic test score was well below where I needed to be to get into the colleges I wanted. With Ken’s help, I got a 780 in both Critical Reading and Math. I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Thank you very much for the tremendous help during the ACT course! I especially appreciated the one-on-one feedback we were able to receive in class as well as the convenience of being able to approach the teacher by email on days where we did not meet. I would gladly enroll in another class.

K. was accepted to Georgetown!! She is over the moon excited! Many thanks to you and your amazing staff for all your help and support! Your SAT tutors are fantastic and so supportive. I will certainly be recommending you to my friends and clients. Thanks again and all the best.

Thank you for recommending Allison. Our son and daughter enjoyed working with Allison. They both had excellent scores on their ACT exams (a 36 and a 33), as well as on their SAT exams. Allison is patient and is proficient in her subject areas. We would recommend Allison highly to anyone looking for a great tutor.

James was absolutely AWESOME for Latin. I can’t say enough good things about him!

A huge THANK YOU for referring us to Allison for SAT tutoring! The sessions spent with Allison boosted R.’s score from 1390 to 1520 on Math and Reading (790M 730R) and from 630 to 730 on Writing… a total increase of 230 points! She was able to focus his attention on the optimal way to improve his score.

Connor came to us after some disappointing experiences with other tutors, and the difference was night and day. He was very professional, highly organized, and good at spotting areas in our daughter’s knowledge that needed refreshing. There is no question that he made a significant difference in our daughter’s ACT scores.

I worked with one of your tutors Jesse for the September ACT. I just wanted to let you know that after working with him my score increased from a 31 to a 34! We had focused on Science and Math, and my Science score went from a 28 to a 35. Just wanted to thank you for your all you do and say how amazing your tutors are!

Not only was Caroline phenomenal in helping my daughter’s scores improve dramatically, she was so professional, courteous and sensitive to my daughter’s workload. She was able to focus her preparation without unduly piling on the work. My daughter loved working with Caroline and so did I! I could not recommend her more highly.

Last night my son had his last session with John. He was the perfect fit. J would look forward to his weekly tutor!!! (Have you ever heard that before)! John is so enthusiastic and made learning about history fun. John has a true passion for his work. He is an asset to the Carnegie Prep team for sure!!

My daughter received 710 for Reading, 700 for Math, and 680 for Writing. The 700 in Math was the highest she ever got on any practice test, and her PSAT was 56. It is such a relief not to have to worry as much as we head into her senior year. Thank you very much and thanks to Rob who taught her courses.

Your test prep team is so incredibly professional, capable but mostly committed to the students. I have felt a true partnership along the way of this insane process with you. I wanted to make sure you knew how grateful I am for your team, especially Nick and Jeff. They have been more than amazing.

Somehow, Chris has gotten my son to do ACT homework during the week AND before I remind him!!! Chris is FANTASTIC and clearly a great motivator! I really appreciate his efforts and kindness. Would definitely recommend Chris to all my friends!

Hi Jennifer,

P’s composite score was 36! Thank you so much for your incredible hard work and efforts. We are so appreciative to have your expertise on our side. P knows how excitable I am, so it took him seven hours to tell me! (He’s very humble.) You were also always available to accommodate me and my hectic family schedule. All the best to you!!!!