I just wanted you to know the tutoring with Bruce is great and my daughter started the AP US History review class on Sunday and said it was fantastic. She also recommended the class to her friend from Rye who joined her and she too gave it great accolades.


I trust you got K’s detailed feedback! She found incredible value in your [Math Level 2 SAT Subject Test] course and teachings. She recited several examples tonight of problems on the test that she had not yet learned at Darien High School, but she was able to work through those problems with skills that she learned from you. I give you five stars!

Sam  – Thanks to all of your help on the SSAT, my daughter got into all 7 schools she applied to and is going to Taft! We were so lucky to have found you. I don’t think she would be going there without you. Thanks so much.

Rick and Ross, I just wanted to thank you guys so much for all you’ve done for me during the SAT course. Throughout the SAT course, you guys have been so incredibly helpful in preparing me for the test. There were a lot of kids in the class, but you managed to make us feel like it was a one on one session, and for that, I cannot thank you enough.

Somehow, Chris has gotten my son to do ACT homework during the week AND before I remind him!!! Chris is FANTASTIC and clearly a great motivator! I really appreciate his efforts and kindness. Would definitely recommend Chris to all my friends!

S. took the March SAT course. Her scores were solid but she wanted to do better (she got 800 in Writing, 760 in Math, and 680 in Reading). She had decided to take the ACT in April and didn’t study AT ALL. Miraculously, she got a 35! She was shocked. She thinks the SAT course she took definitely prepped her well for this ACT.

I can’t say enough good things about my son’s tutoring experience with Carnegie Prep. His test scores went up significantly, but what I think is even more important, he went from feeling insecure and overwhelmed to having a level of confidence that has spread to his current studies as well.  The pairing of Kate for English and Mike for math is a combo not to be beat. Their “you can do this” approach instills confidence and brings back pleasure to the learning process.

C. is going to Dickenson College and her ACT score helped qualify her for a $30k scholarship from the school! I’ll be back with you again with her younger sister. Thanks.

Hi Allison,

So nice to hear from you! My daughter is deciding between Lehigh and Bucknell. Both terrific choices, can’t go wrong!! You were so helpful in this process and I would recommend you to anyone who asks. Thanks Allison!!

I found Ken extremely valuable in what is required for the SAT. He is a patient teacher and relates well on a personal level. He consistently communicated the material well and drastically improved my test-taking abilities. As a direct result of working with Ken, my SAT score improved by 230 points.

I wanted to tell you how highly we thought of Britt, not just in comparison to other tutors. She was cute and bubbly and upbeat. She gave B the confidence that B needed.

B has been selected as a winner of the National Merit $2500 Scholarship. Thank you, Lynn, for taking time last year to discuss the possibility with me. The classes B took for the PSAT, SAT, and SAT Subject Tests were fantastic. He couldn’t have done better!

I wanted to let you know that my daughter was able to get her score up another 2 points after working with Bobby this summer. Fingers crossed that it helps in the college process, but it certainly can’t hurt! Thanks again for your help Carnegie Prep, I really appreciate it.

Bobby was beyond wonderful! He was so terrific with Izzy. Kept her calm, motivated and made her laugh! He is a terrific balance.

Bruce was tremendously helpful in preparing for the AP US History Exam. His extensive knowledge of the information and of the test itself made me feel really prepared and confident. With his help, I got a 5! Thank you!