Hey John,

I would like to thank you for your excellent teaching in the [AP European History] review class. It helped me out a lot. I took the AP yesterday and thought I did pretty well. Thank you again, I will make sure to tell you my score once I learn it, and I hope to remain in contact with you because you are a great teacher.

Allison was terrific! Can’t say enough. Professional, smart, kind, and on time.

A huge thank you for encouraging us to enroll C. in your prep classes. SAT scores were posted today and she did amazing. I think that’s pretty awesome, and we are really grateful to Rick, who not only made this rather painless, but infused some fun into it.

Hi Dylan,

I just wanted to give you well deserved praise for all of your excellent tutorial assistance. J. says he is “excited” to take the test! It is clear that you not only possess strong expertise in the field, but also the unique ability to personalize the material for J. You covered it effectively, engagingly, efficiently, and with an infectious passion.

Hi John,

My daughter was in your Sunday afternoon [AP Government] class. She enjoyed your class and teaching style and is convinced you are the best history teacher in the world.

Sam  – Thanks to all of your help on the SSAT, my daughter got into all 7 schools she applied to and is going to Taft! We were so lucky to have found you. I don’t think she would be going there without you. Thanks so much.

Our daughter is loving these classes! She says you all know her by name, she feels super supported, she says you all are so engaging and make the work so interesting, and she is doing so well! There is nothing in the world more valuable than teachers that inspire and motivate students and make them excited to learn!

Would love to thank Sam for all the wonderful help. I was struggling for a while in AP Statistics until he came along. My grades immediately improved once we started meeting. His method of tutoring is one that more people should learn!

Laurie did an excellent job preparing our daughter for the SSATs. She also tutored her in Algebra where was she was among the top students in her class. She was delightful to work with and fully committed to the success of our daughter.

Anya is a wonderful verbal SAT tutor. She tutored both my son and daughter. They only took the SAT once, scoring from 750 to 800. My children have different personalities, strengths, and learning/study styles. Anya easily adapted to these and made the time productive. Both my kids respected her and wanted to excel for her.

My son got his SAT scores back: Critical Reading 740, Math 800, Writing 730. Austin did an amazing job getting him prepared! They went out of their way to spend extra time with him through phone calls and help after class and were genuinely concerned about his performance. Thanks again for all your continued help!

Thank you! T. is loving his senior year and is thrilled to be going to Colgate! As always, I will continue to recommend you and your team as my go-to, get-in-to-college secret sauce!

Dear John,

Thank you so much for all of your help with AP European History. The exam on Friday went well for me, thanks to all of your instruction about the DBQs and Multiple Choice! I learned so much in your classes, and I feel it prepared me so well for the test! Thank you again!

Dan has gone above and beyond to help my son understand SAT Math 2. My son has had other Math tutors before, and Dan Bass is in an outstanding league of his own. He taught my son to think more logically, which helped him achieve great success on his SAT Math 2 test. Thanks again for employing such talented and brilliant tutors!!

It is a big relief for my son to do well on the first round of SATs. Ross was instrumental in helping him with the verbal. He got a near perfect score on the math but needed to boost his verbal. I wish you could have seen his face when he read the email. It was priceless! First thing he did was reach out to Ross. That speaks mounds!