My daughter was accepted ED at Boston University for the class of 2021. Thank you for all the help!! You have a fabulous organization and have helped both my kids. Both kids got into their first choice school and I’m not sure either of them could have pulled it off without the help of your exceptional team.

Your resources and unlimited advice beyond testprep are the best life connections we have ever had for my daughter.

Allison was terrific! Can’t say enough. Professional, smart, kind, and on time.

Thank you for recommending Kevin! Kevin is the best Physics teacher, and such a nice person too! He would take tough concepts and apply them to real life situations, which is exactly what my son needed in order to connect the dots. Thanks to his extraordinary approach, I am pleased to report that he is closing the year with an A average.

My daughter thought that Tim was a fantastic teacher and that his course was extremely helpful in preparing for the AP Environmental Science exam.

We are thrilled to have found Sam as a tutor. My daughter has always identified as primarily an athlete, but Sam showed her that she can be a successful student as well. Her scores improved as well as her confidence in her academic self!

My daughter feels uncomfortable bragging about her scores, but I am so delighted! We accomplished what we set out to do – her reading went up 140 points from the PSAT; her math went up 50 points and her writing went up 30. I am THRILLED with her scores and really THANK YOU, Rick so very, very much.

We spoke last summer about engaging a private tutor to work with our son. You recommended a couple and we engaged Cormac. I want you to know that Cormac was a fantastic recommendation! We’ve just gotten back his ACT score – a 33! Cormac was diligent and very patient, especially good at coming up with different approaches when our son was having a hard time absorbing a concept.

I have some fantastic, and I mean FANTASTIC, news to share with you. You did amazing work with my daughter! I’ve never heard of anybody improving their score so much.

Anya knows the ins and outs of the college process. My favorite part about having Anya as a tutor is how enthusiastic and encouraging she is. She provides just the right amount of constructive criticism, so I never feel like I lose my voice in my essays. She brings out the very best in the students she works with.

Thank you, Sam! I was struggling in AP Statistics and after just a few meetings with Sam, my grade in the class rose significantly. Additionally, he did a great job of preparing me for the AP test itself. I felt like I had a really good grasp on the material and his help made the AP much easier than I initially anticipated.

R. will be attending UMass Amherst in the Fall. He was also accepted into their honors college. He was also accepted to UConn, Northeastern, and Boston University. I know his SAT scores of 2120 helped him get into his choice of colleges. Thank you again to Duane Smith and Amelia Clark. Especially his writing score, which was a 780!

Richard came today to work with my son. My son LOVED him!! He had the biggest smile on his face when they were done because he said he felt SO much better and Rich helped him so much! He was really thrilled. My son thinks he hit the jackpot! Your track record (from feedback and now my own experience) is impeccable!

I wanted to tell you how highly we thought of Britt, not just in comparison to other tutors. She was cute and bubbly and upbeat. She gave B the confidence that B needed.

Laurie did an excellent job preparing our daughter for the SSATs. She also tutored her in Algebra where was she was among the top students in her class. She was delightful to work with and fully committed to the success of our daughter.