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I trust you got K’s detailed feedback! She found incredible value in your [Math Level 2 SAT Subject Test] course and teachings. She recited several examples tonight of problems on the test that she had not yet learned at Darien High School, but she was able to work through those problems with skills that she learned from you. I give you five stars!

My son’s test scores are through the roof after your prep courses. Amanda worked with him on his common application and supplemental essays and I am so impressed with all he has learned and the products he’s produced. Thank you for running a fabulous organization with an amazing ROI!

I wanted to reach out and let you know that my son thought you were terrific. He was not super psyched that I ‘made’ him take this prep course and that he is now faced with taking the exam this weekend instead of going to a concert that he had his heart set on. Despite that fact pattern, he still came away saying he thinks you’re a great teacher.

Britt helped me prepare for my SATs and I can honestly say she is the best tutor ever!  I really enjoyed every session with her AND she helped me learn a ton.  My SAT Math score went up 160 points!  I recommend her for anyone who needs help preparing for the SAT or any testing.  I honestly cannot thank Britt enough for everything she did to help me!
-SS, Student
Greenwich, CT

Dear John; I just wanted to say – thank you. A. came home from your classes, energized and enlightened. He really enjoyed your review sessions. You have a way of connecting with the kids. Thank you so much for making a difference.

The communication all along the way from your teachers is stellar! Your course is first-rate, so thank you, thank you!

Rick and Ross, I wanted to thank you all again for all the help you’ve given me this year. I am extremely happy with my score and I owe a lot of my achievement to you guys. Thanks to your guidance I was able to improve my score and bring it above my goal score. The strategies you guys taught were not in any prep book.

Rick was a great teacher and I mean really GREAT!! He loves what he does and is so inspiring!! H. had an excellent session and she really enjoyed working with him! Thank you so much for recommending him.


I would like to thank you so much for the preparation that you gave me for the math SAT. With your help on the challenging “killer” packets, I earned a 750 with only two questions wrong! I would recommend this course to anyone because you help every student succeed significantly. Thanks again!

Hey Austin,

So turns out I didn’t make any of those stupid mistakes on the math section for the SATs! I got an 800!!! Thank you so much for everything!!!

I wanted to express my gratitude for Anya. She was a critical part of my acceptance into Wharton. Every week she would help me with my various college essays. She is so understanding and patient and incredibly intelligent. Without her help, neither me nor my brothers would be where we are today.

Thank you, Sam! I was struggling in AP Statistics and after just a few meetings with Sam, my grade in the class rose significantly. Additionally, he did a great job of preparing me for the AP test itself. I felt like I had a really good grasp on the material and his help made the AP much easier than I initially anticipated.

My daughter met with Mike on Saturday. She thinks he is amazing and wants to stick with him for Math and Science. She said Mike clarified some things she NEVER understood before. Thanks so much for all your help with this process!

My oldest son took your course to improve his first SAT scores. The second time around he scored a perfect 800 in Math and dramatically improved in writing and reading as well!! I can’t say enough about your program… the results we got simply speak for themselves! I would suggest this course to anyone and everyone. Totally worth it!

Dear Cathy,

D. has mentioned on multiple occasions that he is very grateful to have the opportunity to take your class. You have a talent for presenting the material in a clear and concise manner which has allowed him to learn many things that he wouldn’t have learned otherwise. He is very confident going into the [Biology SAT Subject Test], thanks to you.