My son’s test scores are through the roof after your prep courses. Amanda worked with him on his common application and supplemental essays and I am so impressed with all he has learned and the products he’s produced. Thank you for running a fabulous organization with an amazing ROI!

We can’t thank you enough for recommending Max as a tutor for our son. Our son has so enjoyed working with him in preparation for the PSAT. He is an outstanding tutor, both in his knowledge base and his interpersonal skills. He demonstrates an excellent balance of empathy for the student, encouragement toward the student, and exhortation to work hard.

He has raised his overall score by 170 points over seven months and three tests. Your tutors have played an important role in his success. Some educators are reluctant to acknowledge the importance of standardized tests and yet good results make a huge difference in college outcomes, particularly given grade inflation.

Cathy was extremely helpful for [my son] on the Biology SAT Subject Test. He pulled out a 750 which is not bad for someone who can’t slow down on a test to save his life! She was also extremely organized, communications went to the parents as well as the kids and very flexible which was wonderful.

I wanted to tell you that Dan’s tutoring my daughter via Skype is working out really well — much better than either of us imagined. She is very pleased with Dan’s style, patience, knowledge and personality etc. He always spends extra time with her and she is finding the tutoring very helpful.

Hi Allison,

So nice to hear from you! My daughter is deciding between Lehigh and Bucknell. Both terrific choices, can’t go wrong!! You were so helpful in this process and I would recommend you to anyone who asks. Thanks Allison!!

Cathy and Lynn,

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your Biology SAT Subject Test class was efficient & comprehensive preparation for the test. It was a great first experience for us at Carnegie Prep, and we will definitely be back for more (for both daughters)! You provide a valuable service, and we are so grateful to have had access to it.

R. was accepted early to the University of Pennsylvania. We’ve been very happy with the quality of your programs, the comprehensive nature of your offerings, and your responsiveness. Even though it was a very stressful time, I would say that our boys often enjoyed your classes. You have a talented group of teachers working for you.

I wanted to thank you for encouraging me to sign up for the PSAT course. Rick was a fantastic teacher and I’m glad I got to know him before the SAT course. I was thrilled to become a National Merit Finalist but I am even more thrilled to let you know I am one of the scholarship winners! I couldn’t have done it without your program.

You recommended a few tutors for my son and I wanted to let you know Bobby was fantastic. He provided excellent guidance and encouragement. My son responded well to his teaching and was eager to improve with his help. Thank-you for connecting them.

Thank you for recommending Allison. Our son and daughter enjoyed working with Allison. They both had excellent scores on their ACT exams (a 36 and a 33), as well as on their SAT exams. Allison is patient and is proficient in her subject areas. We would recommend Allison highly to anyone looking for a great tutor.

I worked with one of your tutors Jesse for the September ACT. I just wanted to let you know that after working with him my score increased from a 31 to a 34! We had focused on Science and Math, and my Science score went from a 28 to a 35. Just wanted to thank you for your all you do and say how amazing your tutors are!

You have always helped us with great tutors. Hunter is unparalleled in his approach and efficacy. He has an easy manner and communication style that my daughter responds to. We have given his name to most of her friends who will be studying AP Calculus AB next year. Many thanks to you both!

Sam is modest and understands the subtleties of competitive applications to boarding schools. With Sam’s focused and insightful help, and time flexibility, our time-crunched son completed the exam with an overall SSAT score in the 95th percentile and with a much more competitive balance between Verbal and Quantitative.

Once again, your instructors did a great job. C. took a Biology review course recently for her AP test and said Sarah was kind, engaging, and efficient – – all in all, a great teacher.