Pam, I wanted to let you know that your approach to providing proofs was so instrumental that my son could not stop talking about it on our ride home. He indicated that he took the writing approach he learned from you and applied it not only to his AP Comp exam, but to all his other AP exams that required similar essays. No doubt that your assistance helped him achieve all 5’s on his tests.

I can’t say enough good things about my son’s tutoring experience with Carnegie Prep. His test scores went up significantly, but what I think is even more important, he went from feeling insecure and overwhelmed to having a level of confidence that has spread to his current studies as well.  The pairing of Kate for English and Mike for math is a combo not to be beat. Their “you can do this” approach instills confidence and brings back pleasure to the learning process.

My son said that the Math Level 2 class with Marshall was the “single most helpful class I have ever taken.” He got a 730 on the practice test. Thank you!!

W. was reinvigorated after walking out of John’s class last night! You couldn’t have been more right about the level of appreciation our students have when reminded of how this subject should be taught. Thank you, thank you for all of the last minute support, it is really making the difference for us!

Hey Marshall,

I thought the test went better than I expected it to be. With math, I felt like I knew how to approach every single question I saw. I believe 9 out of your 10 hints were on the test. The only thing I didn’t use was the hippity hop (I was upset no bunny). But I think the extra helps and just doing as many problems as I could really helped me.

After three sessions with Caroline, Z’s scores increased by a total of 230 points, 90 of which were in Math. Caroline’s style, knowledge, and motivation are impressive. She gave Z the confidence she needed to persist and achieve, sometimes equally as important for these young adults facing school stressors. A parent’s dream.

We are thrilled to have found Sam as a tutor. My daughter has always identified as primarily an athlete, but Sam showed her that she can be a successful student as well. Her scores improved as well as her confidence in her academic self!

My daughter thought that Tim was a fantastic teacher and that his course was extremely helpful in preparing for the AP Environmental Science exam.

I can’t thank you enough for the services that you provide. My daughter doesn’t need a tutor weekly for three months. Other educational services have wanted us to pay for programs where you had to sign on for a certain number of hours. I always know I can contact you and you’ll find me an amazing person that can help her for just as much or as little as is appropriate for her.

I just wanted to take a moment, before SAT scores come in, to thank you for referring us to Jesse. He’s been great for our son in so many ways. He has a great way with young men – he speaks on their level – yet commands their respect and attention. Best of all, he has been a positive influence in the short time he worked with him.

Dear Duane,

I wanted to reach out and thank you for your revisions and comments on my two practice ACT Writing prompts over the summer. I am proud to say that I received an 11/12 on the writing portion of the test! Thank you again for you time and support. Without your help my score would not have been as strong!

Thank you Lynn!! Amanda was great!! We have loved all of the tutors you have recommended over the years. Working with you has been really helpful and convenient, and I know it has helped my daughter get to this point. She is thrilled with her acceptance!

Hey Austin,

I just got my scores: a 34 on reading, a 35 on writing, a 35 on science and a 36 on math! I just wanted to say thank you for all the help. Your class was awesome!

Sam’s knowledge of Statistics and ability to explain complicated concepts in a clear and thorough manner was essential to my daughter’s understanding of the subject. She was able to get a great score on the AP exam with his support!

Thanks so much, Lynn! You and Kyle have been such an incredible part of this journey and we cannot recommend you and him highly enough. Kyle is an outstanding tutor because of his incredible ability to teach but also because of his personality. He somehow combines being a teacher, advisor, and friend to both the students and parents in a way that makes the test process quite civilized.