It is a big relief for my son to do well on the first round of SATs. Ross was instrumental in helping him with the verbal. He got a near perfect score on the math but needed to boost his verbal. I wish you could have seen his face when he read the email. It was priceless! First thing he did was reach out to Ross. That speaks mounds!

Austin Leah and Duane Smith were great and extremely helpful throughout the entire process.

W. was reinvigorated after walking out of John’s class last night! You couldn’t have been more right about the level of appreciation our students have when reminded of how this subject should be taught. Thank you, thank you for all of the last minute support, it is really making the difference for us!

Dan has gone above and beyond to help my son understand SAT Math 2. My son has had other Math tutors before, and Dan Bass is in an outstanding league of his own. He taught my son to think more logically, which helped him achieve great success on his SAT Math 2 test. Thanks again for employing such talented and brilliant tutors!!

My daughter was accepted ED at Boston University for the class of 2021. Thank you for all the help!! You have a fabulous organization and have helped both my kids. Both kids got into their first choice school and I’m not sure either of them could have pulled it off without the help of your exceptional team.

Thank you again for having J. be a part of your program this winter. The instructors Rob have kept in touch, and I can’t stress enough, in such a personal way. But, most importantly, J. was able to get his math score up to near (or hopefully at) perfect, and also bring up his lagging English score – we are so pleased with the results.


Rick and Ross, I wanted to thank you all again for all the help you’ve given me this year. I am extremely happy with my score and I owe a lot of my achievement to you guys. Thanks to your guidance I was able to improve my score and bring it above my goal score. The strategies you guys taught were not in any prep book.

I just want to let you know what a positive experience I have had with your tutors over the years. You, personally, have always taken the time (often 45 mins or more) to chat with me over the phone about each of my children to match me up the best tutor for each of them. My youngest has just finished up with Sam. He was tremendous!

Anya was an exceptional tutor for my son J. She cared about him in a way that almost felt like family. With her dedication, brilliance, cleverness and humor, my son bonded with her and did his best work. The test results were excellent. I cannot recommend her more highly.

We are very happy that Juliana achieved her college objective. Kate was definitely a big part of that achievement! She was of great help as a tutor and is also an amazing person. Juliana loved working with her! We will be grateful for the rest of our lives.

My daughter worked with Pam to prepare for the ACT. Pam is an excellent tutor, she has a calming presence which allowed C. learn the techniques and gain confidence. It’s a very stressful time for Juniors, and Pam works with them in an excellent way instilling confidence and wisdom.

Hey Marshall,

I got an 800 on the Math Level 2 Subject Test! Thanks so much for all your help this year. I’d call an 800 on SAT Math and an 800 on Math Level 2 a success! Thank you again!

Hey John,

I would like to thank you for your excellent teaching in the [AP European History] review class. It helped me out a lot. I took the AP yesterday and thought I did pretty well. Thank you again, I will make sure to tell you my score once I learn it, and I hope to remain in contact with you because you are a great teacher.

Dan, I ended up getting an 800. So much of the stuff was outside of what we covered in my Physics class so the course helped me a ton. Thanks so much.

The SAT course was the key to unlocking his potential. This is a kid who truly struggled at school. His success will go far beyond easing the college application process. He is beginning to believe us when we tell him he can. His performance in all areas of life seems to be improving, and his confidence is growing. A parent could not ask for more.