The SAT course was the key to unlocking his potential. This is a kid who truly struggled at school. His success will go far beyond easing the college application process. He is beginning to believe us when we tell him he can. His performance in all areas of life seems to be improving, and his confidence is growing. A parent could not ask for more.

Britt was so helpful with SAT math tutoring-she knew the topics inside and out, made every session enjoyable and always kept me on track.  I would not have been able to perform as well as I did without her help!

-HF, Student
Greenwich, CT

I wanted to reach out and let you know that my son thought you were terrific. He was not super psyched that I ‘made’ him take this prep course and that he is now faced with taking the exam this weekend instead of going to a concert that he had his heart set on. Despite that fact pattern, he still came away saying he thinks you’re a great teacher.

Thank you for your support for my son, he definitely benefited from the focused instruction and your dedication.

I cannot overstate how valuable the skills I gained while tutoring as an educator and mentor have been in medical school. I am so grateful for my experience as a tutor and could not be more excited to have chosen a career where kids and their families will continue to be the center of my work.

Lynn, you and your team are the best!

As anyone who knows me knows — I am highly opinionated. And, in my opinion, Carnegie Prep provides excellent academic guidance and support.

Lynn – just wanted you to know that Chris did a great job with C this spring. A 32 on his first try, a big improvement from his practice test earlier in the fall. Also, he did a great job accommodating our very fluid schedule. Thanks for all the help.

I wanted to express my gratitude for Anya. She was a critical part of my acceptance into Wharton. Every week she would help me with my various college essays. She is so understanding and patient and incredibly intelligent. Without her help, neither me nor my brothers would be where we are today.

It is a big relief for my son to do well on the first round of SATs. Ross was instrumental in helping him with the verbal. He got a near perfect score on the math but needed to boost his verbal. I wish you could have seen his face when he read the email. It was priceless! First thing he did was reach out to Ross. That speaks mounds!

Thank you very much for the tremendous help during the ACT course! I especially appreciated the one-on-one feedback we were able to receive in class as well as the convenience of being able to approach the teacher by email on days where we did not meet. I would gladly enroll in another class.

Thank you so much for recommending Michael. He has a very patient and encouraging style of teaching that leads to outstanding results. My son was scoring in the mid 600 range in Math. My son took his first SAT and earned a PERFECT 800 score in math! I would strongly recommend Michael to any family in need of an exceptional math tutor.

John, I wanted to thank you so much for helping our daughter! She got a 90 on her Iran/China test! She had one of the highest scores on the test! We just can’t thank you enough for all your help! It has really helped her and made a HUGE difference – she currently has an A in this class!

Bobby was beyond wonderful! He was so terrific with Izzy. Kept her calm, motivated and made her laugh! He is a terrific balance.

Hi Dan! I got a 690 on the Physics Subject Test, which I am very happy with (especially considering where I began!) Thank you again for not only the excellent course, but also the extra help and encouragement I needed to keep with the test despite its initial difficulty.


You did not skip a beat when I asked to move him into a later session. The instructors’ knowledge and enthusiasm was instrumental; their emails were incredibly helpful, giving students a perfect guide to what should be happening at home between classes as well as in preparation for test day. It took the pressure off us as a family.