“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” – Yogi Berra


A lesson we’ve all learned in the last few months: education can transcend the classroom.  These days, the way we communicate is changing, the way we learn is changing, and the way we work is changing. It’s no secret that the transition from daily school and extracurricular activities to 24/7 family time has been an adventure for parents, particularly those with younger children!

With limited options for childcare, parents are navigating changing landscapes where school, work, and creative play are all often co-existing in the same place. While some children received a robust remote learning curriculum from their schools this past spring, others were left without the structure and interpersonal spark needed for genuine growth.  As we look ahead to what will be an unpredictable and certainly unconventional school year, no matter what your student’s school curriculum holds, we’re here to help.

Long before the term “pandemic pod” or “learning pod” made headlines, Carnegie Prep has facilitated custom study groups.  These are small groups of students who work with their very own tutor or teacher in order to customize their home-school curriculum.  Our experienced specialists can harness a school’s curriculum, or help you build your own project-based learning initiatives to ensure your students are challenged and continue to grow.

Whether you’re looking to bolster academic skills or perhaps work on creative enrichment such as art or music, small group learning can offer an interactive learning environment as an alternative and/or addition to your student’s standard education.

Small group learning environments can take place either remotely or safely in-person with necessary precautions — whichever you prefer!  At Carnegie Prep, we believe in reimagining the remote, collaborative environment, maintaining our commitment to individualized attention and dynamic interaction. Students can meet in a vibrant virtual classroom and receive personalized feedback with the convenience of being anywhere in the world. Remote learning opens up new opportunities for learning and engagement!

For more details on how Carnegie Prep can directly provide dedicated tutor services for students of all ages during this time please email us at [email protected] or submit a custom study group request through our website.