Eddie Amato is the STEM-based, hands-on, build-it-from-the-ground-up tutor of our dreams!   With a BS in Technology Education from Oswego State University and an MS in Technology Education from Ball State University, it is safe to say that Eddie has always known exactly where he’d feel most at home… working with students on STEM projects that expand their creativity and thinking. Eddie has spent the last 10 years as a Technology & Engineering teacher at Somers High School in Lincolndale, NY, and has served as an instructor for elementary aged students at Discover Camp in Hawthorne, NY, for 5 of those years.


Eddie is passionate about honoring each unique student’s creative process and creating space for authentic inquiry and self-exploration that empowers their curiosity and interest in learning. He believes that developing a meaningful connection and relationship with each of his students is necessary for authentic instruction and learning to take place. Eddie looks at creative empowerment as a balance between challenge, mastery, and play. Each individual has preferences and comfort zones; some students prefer well-defined rules and structures while others gravitate towards imaginative and flexible play. Eddie enjoys working with and supporting every type of student and meeting them where they are!


Here are a few of the STEM-based platforms Eddie can work with students on:

  • 3D Printing
  • 3D Modeling Software (TinkerCad, Google SketchUp, Inventor and Fusion)
  • Creating models
  • C++ Language Programming
  • Scratch Programming for Robotics
  • CNC Mill/Router



Below you’ll find just a few examples of the ways Eddie has helped his students push their thinking beyond just a curriculum!

  • Remember the water bottle flip trend? Eddie’s high school Tech class built a robot that mastered “the flip” and a video of it went viral. Check out the video here. You can feel the students’ excitement and pride!
  • Ever know a dog who has torn their ACL? One of Eddie’s Discover Camp students made a cast for her dog’s leg using a 3D Printer to help with his recovery.
  • Did your high school’s plays or musicals ever have memorable set designs? Eddie’s high school set-design club built a 360-degree rotating stage set for their fall drama and spring musical performances:


  • Eddie’s Electronics and Robotics students also build the marquee letters to celebrate the graduating class each year. Who wouldn’t want to post a pic on Instagram in front of this stellar background?!