Chris Harbur has a myriad of talents, interests, and experiences that have each played a significant role leading him to work with students to find their own passions, interests, and motivations. He has worked with young people from all over the world helping them build their self-esteem and engagement with learning through subjects such as acting and improvisation, fitness, sports, mental health, video gaming, and organization and executive functioning skills. Chris currently has a business called Let’s Go Play which inspires love of movement and sports through the lens of play.

Chris has a BFA from the University of Miami’s Acting Conservatory and spent 10 years doing plays, musicals, and films in New York City. He then joined the team helping teenagers engage in volunteer activities in their communities before branching out on his own to start Let’s Go Play.

Chris especially enjoys working with students with learning differences, and finding ways to activate and help them feel empowered and valued.

Below you’ll find examples of the subjects and activities Chris specializes in.


Games & Gaming Strategy (improve memory & dexterity)

  • card games (poker, etc.)
  • board games
  • video games


Fitness & Strength

  • build coordination and stamina
  • make movement and sports more engaging



  • improvisation
  • scene study
  • auditioning techniques
  • acting out a song


Coping with Stress and Anxiety (school, exams, bullying, etc.)

  • mindfulness techniques
  • meditation
  • breath work