We are remote, and we are here for you! Standardized Tests: What's Next? Read our FAQs!

Frequently Asked Questions from our Carnegie Prep students and families

Today, answers to the most vexing SAT and ACT questions can’t be found on a scoring key. That’s why we are here to help you navigate the uncharted waters of standardized testing during the coronavirus crisis. (And yes, test takers, vexing is an SAT/ACT vocab word that means causing frustration or worry. Take note!)

While the situation is changing daily, and even hourly, we will be updating our students, families, and this FAQ page with every new development. We are committed to being there for you: providing important information and offering all of our courses, practice tests, and test prep and academic private tutoring online for the foreseeable future. Our team at Carnegie Prep is ready to help you reassess your standardized testing timeline, decide which test to take when, and how to best utilize your time to sharpen your test prep and academic skills.

Here are the key questions you have been asking us:

Which upcoming standardized tests can I register for now? When do other test registrations open?


It’s official! You can now register for all eight of the upcoming SAT 2020-2021 test dates, beginning August 29th. The College Board opened the August 29th, September 26th and October 3rd dates to all students. The class of 2021 had priority access until June 3rd.

The other upcoming SAT test dates are:

  • November 7th, 2020
  • December 5th, 2020
  • March 13th, 2021
  • May 8th, 2021
  • June 5th, 2021

We encourage all students to register early for these tests due to increased demand and limited seating capacity. If you experience any registration or technical difficulties, click here.

SAT Subject Tests:

The majority of the Subject Tests that were scheduled for June 6th are also offered on August 29th and October 3rd. Subject Tests will NOT be offered on September 26th. For a complete list of Subject Tests by test date through May 2021, click here.


Registration is open for the July 18th ACT date. We are strongly encouraging students to register NOW for this test. The registration deadline is June 19th, and test centers are filling up quickly.

If you were registered for the June 13th ACT:

  • The overwhelming majority of test sites in the tri-state area have been canceled.
  • If your site was canceled, you can not switch to another site or seek to register as a standby.
  • If you want to take the July 18th ACT, you still must register. The fee will be waived.

Registration for the September 12th, October 24th, and December 12th ACT opens in mid-July. We will alert you when it opens.

For a complete list of upcoming test dates and registration deadlines for the SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, AP Exams, PSAT, and SSAT, click here.

I need to register! Which test sites in our area have availability for upcoming tests?

To make this process easier for our families in Fairfield and Westchester counties, we have posted the area test centers with available seats for the upcoming tests. Click on the link below for the list, which we will update every Tuesday at noon.

How will I know if the July ACT is canceled?

We will be keeping tabs on all cancellations and updating these FAQs in real time. You should also check the email you used to register for the test.

What about AP Exams?

The 2020 Advanced Placement Exams ended Friday, May 22nd. Makeup test dates will be available for each subject from June 1st through June 5th. Click here for more information.   The newly formatted exams will be scored on the same 1-5 scale as previous tests. AP scores will be released to students approximately one week later than usual, beginning about July 15. The College Board has said it is confident the vast majority of higher ed institutions will award college credit for AP Exams as they have in the past.

Will Connecticut Public Schools administer the mandatory in-school SAT to the class of 2021?

The College Board said it will offer the in-school SAT this fall to replace the canceled March and April SAT School Day administrations for public high school juniors in Connecticut. The in-school test date will either be September 23rd or October 14th, depending on the school district. Check with your school district to see if it is administering the test.

I attend public high school in New York State. Will the mandatory Regents exams be given in June?

No. The state Board of Regents announced the June exams have been canceled.

Will the International Baccalaureate Program administer exams this year?

No. The IB has canceled the May 2020 exams at its U.S. and international schools.

I was so prepared for the test. Now what?

Take a deep breath, and then take a look at your calendar. We know the cancellations have upended your best-laid plans for the SAT/ACT, AP Exams, and SAT Subject Tests. Now is the time to look ahead and come up with a new plan. That said, it’s really important that you focus on academics and continue to prepare for your next SAT or ACT to keep your skills sharp after all of the hard work you have put in. Plan on weekly review sessions and one to two proctored practice tests in the month leading up to your official test. Our team at Carnegie Prep can help you with all of the above, through consultation and online courses, private tutoring, and practice tests.

Will colleges change their application deadlines or requirements for current juniors/the high school class of 2021?

Right now, colleges and universities – like all of us – will need to be flexible and understanding.

What else should I do?

Wash your hands. Do your homework. Be kind. Enjoy your family.

These are unprecedented, and unsettling, times for everyone. You have all studied U.S. History and know our nation has stood united in the face of grave challenges. It’s up to all of us, and our communities, to show the same strength and courage now. Take care.

How are the Graduate school exams (GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT) affected by the pandemic? 

For more information on each test and if it has changed in format, structure, and/or timing, please see our blog post which details each test from the perspective of our expert tutors.

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