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AP Exam Test Preparation

Part of a rigorous high school schedule, AP courses offer students the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of content and college readiness. With over thirty AP courses offered by the College Board, students have plenty of opportunities to shine. Based on student performance, many colleges offer course credit or advancement.

The AP Exam: Test Overview

  • There are over 30 AP courses offered by the College Board.
  • Students take AP exams in May and receive their scores in July.
  • Although a student does not need to be enrolled in an AP class to take the exam, research by The College Board shows that students who take the courses do better on the exams and are therefore more likely to earn AP credits.
  • AP exams are not directly related to college admissions. Advanced placement courses and high AP scores will look good on an application, but their purpose is to determine college credit or course placement.

At Carnegie Prep, we are committed to recognizing the potential of each student. We get to know students as individuals, building confidence and setting the stage for academic and personal success, in the classroom and on standardized tests. Teachers and tutors work on building students’ confidence and knowledge of key concepts and strategies as well as preparing for how to pace themselves on standardized tests. Using a team approach, we offer students the flexibility of one-to-one assistance and full courses, knowing that for many students a blended approach may work best. Read more about our approach.


AP Exams Courses Request a Private Tutor

My son scored an 800 on the SAT Math II and a 5 on the AP Stats! Thanks to Marshall and Sam for all of the test prep support!

BH, Parent

Hi Matt. He scored a 5 for his AP Euro and is absolutely thrilled! As you might know, he retook this AP and made quite some sacrifices (didn’t join the tennis team at school) to be able to study all he could. I’m sure you were an essential part of this, he came home from your classes so inspired and saying that history could actually be so interesting!

SV, Parent

I’d like to thank you again for teaching our class. It sounds impossible to effectively teach a class of exhausted high school students running on empty from a full school day and sports, but your class was very enjoyable and you kept us all awake! Thank you for giving me the tools to excel on the AP test.

ML, Student

Dear John, Thank you for your help in preparing for AP World History. The exam went very well, and I feel particularly good about my essays, which you taught me how to approach. I went in feeling much more confident because of your class. You made such a difference in my experience taking the first AP Exam of my academic career.

KW, Student

John, I wanted to thank you so much for helping our daughter! She got a 90 on her Iran/China test! She had one of the highest scores on the test! We just can’t thank you enough for all your help! It has really helped her and made a HUGE difference – she currently has an A in this class!

ES, Parent

I attended Matt’s AP World History class on Sunday and really enjoyed watching him work. His style is very deliberate and straightforward, which makes covering such a wide range of material manageable. Moreover, he has a great rapport with the students. He’s unequivocally one of the best teachers that I have encountered to date.


BT, Tutor

Dear John; I just wanted to say – thank you. A. came home from your classes, energized and enlightened. He really enjoyed your review sessions. You have a way of connecting with the kids. Thank you so much for making a difference.

CA, Parent

W. was reinvigorated after walking out of John’s class last night! You couldn’t have been more right about the level of appreciation our students have when reminded of how this subject should be taught. Thank you, thank you for all of the last minute support, it is really making the difference for us!

CH, Parent

Hi John,

My daughter was in your Sunday afternoon [AP Government] class. She enjoyed your class and teaching style and is convinced you are the best history teacher in the world.

CB, Parent

Let me take the opportunity to tell you how OUTSTANDING John is. J attended the first review class for AP Government last night and came home saying he has never learned more in 2 1/2 hours than he did then. M was full of praise too, but coming from J is a whole other thing. Hats off to him…seriously!!!

TK, Parent