Beginning this year, AP Exam registration will take place in the fall, and AP students and teachers will have access to new instructional resources such as unit guides, personal progress checks, and an online library of real AP questions.

At the beginning of the school year, all AP coordinators, teachers, and students will go to to access MyAP, a personalized homepage with AP information, resources, and tools.

For AP Students

Students have access to MyAP which they can use to complete AP Classroom assignments, register for AP exams, and monitor their progress with individualized feedback and practice questions assigned by their teachers. Additionally, students will receive personalized AP ID labels that significantly reduce the amount of time spent bubbling information on their answer sheets on test day.

Here’s a step-by-step of what students can expect for exam registration:

  1. Students should sign into their College Board account – College Board account.
  2. Students must register for courses through the AP Classroom Resources page by October 1stTo register, visit the College Board’s new AP Classroom Resources page and join courses with the “join codes” provided by AP teachers. AP teachers will walk students through this process and provide them with their classes’ “join codes” some time in September.
  3. Students must register for AP exams through their classes’ AP Classroom pages by November 15th.*° To register for AP exams, students will see a “Register” button that they must click in order to register for the exam. If students don’t see this button, their school is automatically ordering the exams for them. Each exam will continue to cost $94, but schools may charge more to cover the costs of exam administration.

*If students do not meet the above deadlines, they will be charged a late registration fee of $40 in addition to the registration fee. However, if their class doesn’t start until the spring or they transfer to a new school after the deadline, they won’t be charged a late fee.

°If students decide to cancel their registration, they will be charged a $40 cancellation fee. After February 7th, registration fees and additional service fees will not be refunded for canceled tests.

Watch the official overview below.

For AP Teachers

Teachers can now use AP Classroom to access and assign free instructional resources, view Unit Guides that outline required course content and skills covered on the exam, monitor student progress using the Personal Progress Checks and Progress Dashboards features, and access the online AP Question Bank that contains more than 15,000 real AP questions that can be used to create customized practice and tests. Below is the official video overview.

For AP Coordinators

Coordinators use AP Registration and Ordering to organize student exam registrations and submit the exam order. The new deadline for submitting exam orders is November 15, 2019, 11:59 p.m. ET. 

For more information on AP Classroom and AP registration and cancelation, click here.