The ACT’s Test Information Release Form (TIR) is available with the September, April, and June National test dates for the 2023-24 school year. The TIR for the 2024-25 testing year will be available for the September, December, and February test dates. The TIR provides you with your answers, the correct answers, a copy of the test questions, and a table to convert your raw score to the scaled score. If you wrote the Essay, you will also receive the essay prompt, a scoring rubric, and your scores given to the essay by the two ACT readers.

The TIR can be purchased when you register for a test or up to six months after you take the test.

Ordering the TIR

There are two ways you can order the TIR:

Option 1: Order the TIR when you register for a test.


Option 2: After the test, the TIR can be ordered separately for up to six months after the eligible test date.