Exclusively for Eastchester High School Families

November 16, 2022

Your path to college presents priorities and opportunities unique to each grade. Join Lynn Carnegie, Founder and CEO of Carnegie Prep, and our experienced teacher and tutor, Dr. Steve Yavner, for a dynamic conversation about setting academic goals, building study skills, creating a standardized test timeline, and making the most of extracurricular activities and college essays. When it comes to your all-important GPA, every year counts!

What Sets our Score Reports Apart?

When students take practice tests with Carnegie Prep, they get much more information than just right and wrong answers. With our score reports, students are easily able to identify their strengths as well as target areas for improvement. EHS students are invited to take a free practice SAT & ACT – use codes EHSSAT or EHSACT when checking out.

SAT/ACT Course Schedule

Our courses are designed to emphasize the skills, strategies, and content necessary for student success. Each interactive course is co-taught by two experienced teachers, and includes two timed, live-proctored practice tests and two optional extra-help sessions. Students are divided into two groups based on their current math course, and receive further individualized attention throughout the course with access to one-on-one office hours.

SAT/ACT Private Tutoring

At the heart of good test preparation is a meaningful connection between the student and tutor, and a measured plan for success.  Our tutors tailor their SAT and ACT private tutoring sessions to each student’s unique learning style. Using practice tests to assess students’ strengths and weaknesses, tutors create customized lesson plans and worksheets to focus on the format, content, timing, and strategies of each test.