My son’s test scores are through the roof after your prep courses. Amanda worked with him on his common application and supplemental essays and I am so impressed with all he has learned and the products he’s produced. Thank you for running a fabulous organization with an amazing ROI!

I just wanted to say thanks for recommending John. He only worked with my son for a few hours but really helped him better understand how to approach the US History subject test. T says the strategies that John suggested made a huge difference. He jumped from a 680 in May to a 780 in June.

Thank you so much for setting me up with Lee for a very solid SAT Session. I learned a bunch of new tricks for mastering the SAT and think that I performed really well on the most recent SAT. Thank you for all the help you have given me.

I found Ken extremely valuable in what is required for the SAT. He is a patient teacher and relates well on a personal level. He consistently communicated the material well and drastically improved my test-taking abilities. As a direct result of working with Ken, my SAT score improved by 230 points.

Sam is modest and understands the subtleties of competitive applications to boarding schools. With Sam’s focused and insightful help, and time flexibility, our time-crunched son completed the exam with an overall SSAT score in the 95th percentile and with a much more competitive balance between Verbal and Quantitative.

I want to write to thank you for referring us to Caroline to help my daughter with her ISEE preparation. Caroline was very organized – I like how she would go through each topic that required additional help and how she organized the vocabulary learning. Caroline engaged well with my daughter and helped her feel motivated to learn well.

Connor came to us after some disappointing experiences with other tutors, and the difference was night and day. He was very professional, highly organized, and good at spotting areas in our daughter’s knowledge that needed refreshing. There is no question that he made a significant difference in our daughter’s ACT scores.

S. took the March SAT course. Her scores were solid but she wanted to do better (she got 800 in Writing, 760 in Math, and 680 in Reading). She had decided to take the ACT in April and didn’t study AT ALL. Miraculously, she got a 35! She was shocked. She thinks the SAT course she took definitely prepped her well for this ACT.

Mike was able to work within my son’s busy summer schedule to give him the help he needed to achieve scores that would be acceptable to the highly competitive schools. My son’s final scores were 800 on the Math Level 2, 800 on the SAT Math, and 36 on both ACT Math and Science. He was accepted Early Decision to Vanderbilt University.

R. will be attending UMass Amherst in the Fall. He was also accepted into their honors college. He was also accepted to UConn, Northeastern, and Boston University. I know his SAT scores of 2120 helped him get into his choice of colleges. Thank you again to Duane Smith and Amelia Clark. Especially his writing score, which was a 780!

Pam helping my son earn a 36 on verbal and a 34 on reading doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of what she has taught him.  She did not simply teach to the test.  Rather she taught him rules of grammar, helping him not only earn a perfect score, but more importantly giving him the tools to be a better writer and more confident reader.  She is kind, patient and incredibly organized.  Any student would be lucky to work with her.

Ross and Austin, My wife and I are extremely grateful for your thoughtful and dedicated work with our son. Regardless of the outcome, he was well prepared for the ACT exam. He completed each section with time to spare and with confidence. Thank you again.