“I’m just not a good test taker.” We’ve all heard this phrase tossed around before. Many think that standardized test scores are stamped right there on our DNA strands, some of us with a natural propensity to achieve and others left without a paddle.  And while, sure, some students might thrive under pressure and time constraints while others might not feel the same way, the reality is that so many of the problems to be faced on standardized tests are content-based.  Apostrophes, linear algebra, subject-verb agreement, proportions are just a few. Strategic problems, such as those on reading and verbal sections, also come with their own content to be learned, such as summary and evidence.  The point is, it’s all out there, waiting to be dissected and hopefully mastered.

The key to standardized testing is to break down these tests in ways that actually make sense.

Using only real standardized tests, we’ve developed a unique test-tagging system whereby every single question is categorized, and we’re constantly adding new tests to our database.  This means that after taking a practice SSAT, PSAT, SAT, or ACT, you can immediately identify your strengths and also which topic areas and problems you might need to double down on in order to yield a higher score. Our score reports empower you to take control of your test prep through self-directed learning, honing in on the areas that can help them yield the best results, in the least amount of time.

What’s more, CP tutors and teachers have all of these test questions at their fingertips, with the ability to come up with custom study plans for students based upon their practice test results.  Rather than generalizations of the math or reading comprehension sections, a more granular approach means that we can notice trends in a student’s progress and performance.  Do you seem to always miss those coordinate plane questions?  Are you a rockstar at best evidence questions while inference questions seem to always be a hangup?  Or maybe it’s not the question type, but the timing that seems to be the trend. Whatever it is, CP score reports will help you identify it, and we’ve got a worksheet, strategy, or plan to fix it.

Make the most of your test prep. Take some time to determine the targeted areas that offer the most room for improvement, and practice, practice, practice.  With clearly identified areas of improvement, a dedicated study plan, and defined goals, nothing’s stopping you from acing any test, any time.