Steph Hennings has a strong passion for teaching and mentoring, which she has intentionally
incorporated throughout her professional and personal life. Steph’s approach is rooted in helping
students gain the confidence and knowledge to accomplish their goals through her ability to thoroughly understand subject matters, teach and illustrate complicated concepts, and anticipate questions.

In addition to 3 years experience tutoring students in standardized tests and all levels of math and economics, Steph specializes in the following three areas: post-graduation preparation, executive function coaching, and Microsoft Office Suite training.

Post-Graduation Preparation: Steph works with students to develop and practice strong interviewing skills and build industry-specific recruiting insights. She can offer students resume reviews, mock networking meetings, industry-specific mock interviews, and actionable and detailed feedback.

Executive Function Coaching: Steph teaches students to manage time, maintain focus, and study effectively through executive function coaching. These self-management skills are increasingly critical with competing priorities and many distractions. These sessions aim to help students improve academic performance and work more efficiently by learning the skills necessary to be more productive in school and beyond.

Microsoft Office Suite Training: Steph helps students get productive quickly by learning the Microsoft Office Suite programs, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Students can significantly improve their performance and productivity by learning all that the Microsoft Office Suite has to offer.

Steph received her undergraduate degree in Economics from Brown University and is currently pursuing her MBA at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

While completing her undergraduate degree at Brown, Steph was a Teaching Assistant for Intermediate Economics and was a Student Career Advisor for Brown’s Career Management Office. As a Student Career Advisor, Steph was responsible for advising students on recruiting and graduate applications by reviewing resumes, collaboratively revising essays, and conducting interview preparations.

Following graduation, Steph worked for the City of New Orleans as the Director of Innovation. Steph established a Microsoft Office Suite Training Program to help improve digital literacy among City employees. For this program, she created curricula for beginner, intermediate, and advanced training for each of the three Microsoft products: Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Currently, Steph is pursuing her MBA at The Wharton School. At Wharton, she is a Student Career Advisor for Wharton’s Career Management Office. Her focus is on helping students learn technical interview questions for private equity and finance recruiting and developing strong responses for behavioral interview questions.

If you are interested in learning more about Steph and her approach to Post-Graduation Preparation, Executive Function Coaching, and Microsoft Office Suite Training, you are welcome to call us at
(203) 352-3500 or email us at [email protected].