Lynn Carnegie is the CEO and Founder of Carnegie Prep. She has over three decades of experience in standardized testing and academic tutoring.

Lynn began her career in 1975 as a math teacher. She taught for years in the Scarsdale and Darien School Districts. She developed strong connections with her students and their families, and they began to request her help preparing for the SAT. In 1984, Lynn launched Carnegie Pollak – now Carnegie Prep – because she saw a need for personalized standardized test preparation and academic tutoring.

Over the past three decades, Lynn has personally guided thousands of families to successful experiences with standardized tests, academics, and college admissions. She enjoys speaking with families to ensure they have the best testing plan in place for their child. She has also mentored hundreds of the industry’s most sought-after tutors. Lynn believes that every student can succeed with the help of a fantastic teacher. Regionally, she is known as a leading expert on college admission testing and student academic success.

Lynn has four children, all of whom took the Carnegie Prep courses, each later enrolling at a different school — Harvard, Princeton, Hamilton, and the University of Southern California.

A member of Phi Beta Kappa, Lynn holds a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Rochester and an M.S. in Special Education.