Cathy O’Reilly started her career in neuroscience research when she earned her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from San Francisco State University. Realizing how much she loved sharing her knowledge and love of science with others, she obtained her Master of Science in Biology teaching. Cathy has been happily honing her craft since 1988 and has been at Mamaroneck High School since 1994. Having taught all levels of Chemistry and Biology, she currently teaches AP Biology.

Cathy maintains her love of “all things science” by going on Eco-adventures with like-minded educators and zookeepers. Thus far, she has traveled to Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, Borneo, Venezuela, Africa, and Peru. Each trip is focused on specific Ecosystems and animals. Most recently, Cathy explored Birds and Insects in the Amazon rainforest. Each adventure allows her to bring back new knowledge and insight to the classroom to excite a new generation.

After her trip to the Amazon, Cathy was inspired and, wanting to help students understand science and the environment more thoroughly, she applied for a grant to keep bees on the Mamaroneck campus. After receiving the grant, Cathy became responsible for establishing Mamaroneck High School as the first public school in NY state to keep bees. This year, the high school sold 100 pounds of their own honey during their Back to School night. See the media coverage below.

Both of Cathy’s sons took Carnegie Prep classes, and she has been teaching the SAT Subject Test in Biology for Carnegie Prep since 1997.

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