The American Dental Association administers the Dental Admission Test (DAT) that is used for admissions for Dental Schools in the United States.



Section Number of Questions Section length Content
Survey of the natural sciences 100 questions 90 minutes Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Perceptual ability Six problem sets 60 minutes 3D manipulation and spatial reasoning
Reading comprehension 50 questions 60 minutes Critical reading skills
Quantitative reasoning 40 questions 60 minutes Algebra, critical thinking, fractions, roots, and trigonometric identities


Test Dates: 

Students should plan to register for their DAT test 60 to 90 days prior to their desired test date. The cost for test registration is $475 with an optional score report fee of $45. Click here to register.

To register for the DAT, follow these steps:

  1. Submit an application to take the DAT;
  2. Create a DENTPIN, your Dental Personal Identifier Number;
  3. Receive your eligibility letter from the ADA;
  4. Once you have received the eligibility letter, schedule an appointment with Prometric testing (60 to 90 days prior to your desired test date), and select your test center;
  5. Apply for testing accommodations if applicable using this form.



Scores for the DAT are reported as scaled scores, on a scale from 1 to 30, increasing in one-point increments. Scores are based upon the number of questions a student answers correctly.

Score review & cancellation:

On the day of the student’s test, after the test is completed, an unofficial score report is provided to the student.  Official scores are reported within three to four weeks of the testing date to selected schools and will simultaneously be posted in the students ADA account. If a student tests more than once, a history of all testing attempts is reported.

Scores cannot be voided or cancelled by students. If a student would like to re-test, they must submit a new application and testing fee.  Students must wait at least 90 days from their last attempt.  Students who have had more than three DAT attempts must apply for permission to retest.  After this point, students may only retest once per year.



Students can apply for accommodations using this form. Students can indicate the specific accommodations they require for this test.