Wednesday, Oct 27 2021 7:00 pm

Essential Organizational & Study Skills from Carnegie Prep’s Experts


While we can’t conjure up more hours in the day, we can help high school students master the organizational and study skills necessary to check off their Google Task list before 11 p.m. It’s all about time management!

Join Carnegie Prep’s experts for concrete insights into building these essential skills for high school, college and beyond.  In our one-hour webinar on Wednesday, October 27th at 7 p.m., we outline strategies to help students:

  • Identify their learning style
  • Get organized
  • Learn how to study effectively
  • Manage time efficiently

The roundtable will include host Lynn Carnegie, Founder and CEO of Carnegie Prep, moderator Dr. Steve Yavner, and study skill specialists Tommy Champion and Caitlin Monroe.

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