Ken was a fantastic tutor. The structure of each tutoring session allowed me to advance as an SAT taker and understand my performance on each individual test that I took. It allowed me to eventually improve over 300 points on the SAT. Ken was extremely personable and a pleasure to work with.

Lynn – just wanted you to know that Chris did a great job with C this spring. A 32 on his first try, a big improvement from his practice test earlier in the fall. Also, he did a great job accommodating our very fluid schedule. Thanks for all the help.

Jesse did an amazing job helping my son W. raise his SAT math score by 100 points!! W. has worked with another math tutor for quite some time and W. was getting frustrated with his math score. W. took the make-up SAT in February and he raised his math score from 700 to a perfect 800! Jesse helped him focus to achieve this score.


Just wanted to tell you that I thought Meg was great and I’m very happy that my son worked with her. She was organized, reliable and always on time. It was a great connection. Thank you for the introduction!

Would love to thank Sam for all the wonderful help. I was struggling for a while in AP Statistics until he came along. My grades immediately improved once we started meeting. His method of tutoring is one that more people should learn!

We would just like to say how happy we have been with Chris, our son’s tutor. During the time that he has worked with him, his ACT score went from a 24 to a 30. He has always been very professional and encouraging. I would highly recommend Chris to my friends who have high school children who need SAT or ACT tutoring.

Cathy’s communications with parents are very effective, she had the students do a PRE-first class practice test to get a base line, and she is offering so many extra help sessions. Her commitment is amazing and I love her very organized approach. I am so happy that my 9th grader took her [Biology SAT Subject Test] class.


Hey Rick,

I wanted to let you know that I was accepted to Harvard this past week! I’m really excited for the coming year, and know it would not have been possible without your help. Thank you for the countless hours you spent with me, reviewing SAT math problems!


I would like to thank you so much for the preparation that you gave me for the math SAT. With your help on the challenging “killer” packets, I earned a 750 with only two questions wrong! I would recommend this course to anyone because you help every student succeed significantly. Thanks again!

If I could hand out awards, in addition to the incredible business you have developed from the ground up, it would be for the fastest customer response of ALL companies. You are laser fast— with your responses. If I did not know better I would think you had some automatic system in place. Remarkable.


Austin Lehn and Duane Smith were great and extremely helpful throughout the entire process.

I want to thank Sam for his help tutoring my daughter for the ACT. She was able to raise her overall score 4 points to a 35. We were thrilled! I was especially impressed with her improvement given the number of times they met. Sam quickly assessed where she needed to focus her attention and was very deliberate about what they covered in each session. Sam was also very flexible with her busy schedule. Thank you!


Thank you for your help in Math Level 2!!!! My [SAT Subject Test] score went from a 680 to a 750! I am so happy and so grateful for your help. Thank you again.

I just wanted to thank you for everything. I just received my PSAT scores, and thanks to your help I scored a 76 in Math. I know for a fact that this score is a direct result of your help, so I just wanted to take the time to express my appreciation for your effort and time. Thank you.

Marshall, I just wanted you to know that M. thought your Math Level 2 class was very helpful and you are an excellent teacher! And thank you so much for letting her come this evening to take another practice test. It really was a good way for her to get ready for the test on Saturday. Thanks again.

I got an 800 on the test. Thank you for preparing me!

Thank you so much for setting me up with Lee for a very solid SAT Session. I learned a bunch of new tricks for mastering the SAT and think that I performed really well on the most recent SAT. Thank you for all the help you have given me.

Dear John, Thank you for your help in preparing for AP World History. The exam went very well, and I feel particularly good about my essays, which you taught me how to approach. I went in feeling much more confident because of your class. You made such a difference in my experience taking the first AP Exam of my academic career.

B has been selected as a winner of the National Merit $2500 Scholarship. Thank you, Lynn, for taking time last year to discuss the possibility with me. The classes B took for the PSAT and SAT were fantastic. He couldn’t have done better!


Thank you! The AP Gov courses do not come natural for my son, and you really helped by giving him a structured overview of the key materials. He was very happy he did the course with you. Will be back in a few years… two more to go!

Hi Austin,

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help with the SATs. Getting an 800 in Math was awesome! Those killer packets and plug-in-number strategies were great practice and I did not have any surprises during the test. Thanks again for making the SATs less stressful.

Thank you for your tireless and enthusiastic efforts in prepping my daughter for the ACT. You really inspired her and it was lovely to see her confidence for test taking build over the last few months! Driving to New Canaan this morning, she felt encouraged and ready to slay it.

Hi Dan! I got a 690 on the Physics Subject Test, which I am very happy with (especially considering where I began!) Thank you again for not only the excellent course, but also the extra help and encouragement I needed to keep with the test despite its initial difficulty.


Every person Carnegie Prep has sent, from John (who helped me be the only girl in my class to get a 5 on physics!!) to Anya (who is the only reason I’m actually getting supplements done) and now Jesse, who finally is making me feel like I have a grasp on math, is so genuinely helpful or nice!

Thank you for recommending Kevin! Kevin is the best Physics teacher, and such a nice person too! He would take tough concepts and apply them to real life situations, which is exactly what my son needed in order to connect the dots. Thanks to his extraordinary approach, I am pleased to report that he is closing the year with an A average.

Rick, Thank you so much! 790! You kept the class fun and lively, while at the same time incredibly helpful and informational. A classmate of mine that received similar grades to mine throughout my year in Honors Chemistry performed several hundred points lower on the test than I did. Clearly, your class made the difference.

Thank you thank you! My daughter so loved the ACT Blast with Peter and Marshall! She said that she understands now how kids who take a course have such an advantage over those that do not. The strategies she learned she could not get from a book or through practice on her own.

The business you run is really incredible because it not only helps young students reach their highest potential, but also helps people in their young twenties take their time to figure out their next few steps. For me, tutoring was an incredible job where I could help students grow. This job improved my confidence, and my communication skills in a really tangible way.

My son’s composite ACT score improved 5 points from his pre-ACT to his 2nd ACT test. Lynn Carnegie is fantastic and really listens to what her clients need. My son first took the ACT Blast, and Lynn helped match him with great tutors along the way to hone in on his areas of weakness without sacrificing areas of strength.

Cormac was a fantastic recommendation! We’ve just gotten back G.’s ACT score – a 33! We are all thrilled!Cormac was diligent and very patient. I think Cormac was especially good at coming up with different approaches when G. was having a hard time absorbing a concept. We thank you for putting us in touch with Cormac!

Once again, your instructors did a great job. C. took a Biology review course recently for her AP test and said Sarah was kind, engaging, and efficient – – all in all, a great teacher.

Dear John,

Thank you so much for all of your help with AP European History. The exam on Friday went well for me, thanks to all of your instruction about the DBQs and Multiple Choice! I learned so much in your classes, and I feel it prepared me so well for the test! Thank you again!

Hi John,

My daughter was in your Sunday afternoon [AP Government] class. She enjoyed your class and teaching style and is convinced you are the best history teacher in the world.

Laurie quickly became the full time math tutor for both my daughters, and then became their tutor for the SSAT prep for high school. Both of my daughter’s grades improved dramatically, and more importantly their confidence. Laurie had a way of always making them feel as though they were able to do anything they put their minds to.

Good Morning Dan! I wanted to reach out and let you know that Ben thought you were terrific. He came away saying he thinks you’re a great teacher. Hopefully that will play out with his Physics Subject Test score. Fingers crossed and thanks so much.

Dan has gone above and beyond to help my son understand SAT Math 2. My son has had other Math tutors before, and Dan Bass is in an outstanding league of his own. He taught my son to think more logically, which helped him achieve great success on his SAT Math 2 test. Thanks again for employing such talented and brilliant tutors!!

Thank you for your support for my son, he definitely benefited from the focused instruction and your dedication.

Dylan was the perfect match for my son. When one approach to a problem did not work, Dylan would explain the problem in a different way that would connect for E. Dylan also provided time saving tricks and study guides. Dylan’s easy-going nature and perseverance clearly helped E achieve a 35 on the ACT.

Thanks Lynn. We couldn’t be happier — your team is simply The Best!

Hi Meg!!

I’m thrilled to report that J. got a 780 on the [Chemistry] SAT Subject Test!!!!!! OMG! Awesome!! Thank you so much for all of your help! He’s so psyched. Thank you so much for all of your work with him. Clearly, it all paid off!!

Lynn, you and your team are the best!

As anyone who knows me knows — I am highly opinionated. And, in my opinion, Carnegie Prep provides excellent academic guidance and support.

We can’t thank you enough for recommending Max as a tutor for our son. Our son has so enjoyed working with him in preparation for the PSAT. He is an outstanding tutor, both in his knowledge base and his interpersonal skills. He demonstrates an excellent balance of empathy for the student, encouragement toward the student, and exhortation to work hard.

Amanda  was an absolutely phenomenal tutor. I sent her my personal statement for medical school and almost immediately received her comments and suggestions. Amanda helped me transform a very good essay into an even better piece with a compelling story, an emotional appeal, and a very, VERY strong argument.

Dear Austin and Marshall,

I decided to take the SAT again in May because I thought I could improve my math score. I got my score back today – 2400! I am beyond happy, and wanted to share the good news, because all of your help made that score a possibility. I thank you for helping me achieve the perfect score! Thanks so much.

Richard came today to work with my son. My son LOVED him!! He had the biggest smile on his face when they were done because he said he felt SO much better and Rich helped him so much! He was really thrilled. My son thinks he hit the jackpot! Your track record (from feedback and now my own experience) is impeccable!

I knew the minute I met Boyi that her quiet confidence would be an inspiration to my daughter. I am proud to say that with Boyi’s help, my daughter scored a perfect 36 on the ACT! This will have a lasting impact on her life forever, and we are grateful to you for introducing us to Boyi.

I want to thank Sam for his help tutoring my daughter for the ACT. She was able to raise her overall score 4. We were thrilled! I was especially impressed with her improvement given the number of times they met. Sam quickly assessed where she needed to focus her attention and was very deliberate about what they covered in each session. Thank you!

My diagnostic test score was well below where I needed to be to get into the colleges I wanted. With Ken’s help, I got a 780 in both Critical Reading and Math. I couldn’t be happier with the result.

The communication all along the way from your teachers is stellar! Your course is first-rate, so thank you, thank you!

He has raised his overall score by 170 points over seven months and three tests. Your tutors have played an important role in his success. Some educators are reluctant to acknowledge the importance of standardized tests and yet good results make a huge difference in college outcomes, particularly given grade inflation.

My son’s test scores are through the roof after your prep courses. Amanda worked with him on his common application and supplemental essays and I am so impressed with all he has learned and the products he’s produced. Thank you for running a fabulous organization with an amazing ROI!

Thank you so much for recommending Michael. He has a very patient and encouraging style of teaching that leads to outstanding results. My son was scoring in the mid 600 range in Math. My son took his first SAT and earned a PERFECT 800 score in math! I would strongly recommend Michael to any family in need of an exceptional math tutor.


My daughter received a 730 on the SAT Biology Subject test. We are thrilled! Your course was a significant factor. Many thanks!!!

Connor came to us after some disappointing experiences with other tutors, and the difference was night and day. He was very professional, highly organized, and good at spotting areas in our daughter’s knowledge that needed refreshing. There is no question that he made a significant difference in our daughter’s ACT scores.

We would like to thank you again for recommending Amanda for tutoring our daughter. She helped her immensely with her ACT, improving her score by 5 points from her prep ACT, giving her the confidence that she needs. Amanda is an amazing tutor, knowledgeable, friendly, gentle, punctual, overall a pleasure to work with!

My daughter was accepted to her first choice school! I would like to especially thank Anya. Anya not only shared  her expertise and knowledge of writing with Stella but she was such a supportive person for Stella throughout this entire process, which speaks for her character and the kind of person she is. Anya is in a superior category all of her own!!!

Hi Rob,

Thank you SO MUCH for all your help with Statistics!!! Seriously, if it weren’t for that class I definitely would have gotten a 2 at most, but somehow I managed to get a 5 and it’s all thanks to you!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Britt helped me prepare for my SATs and I can honestly say she is the best tutor ever!  I really enjoyed every session with her AND she helped me learn a ton.  My SAT Math score went up 160 points!  I recommend her for anyone who needs help preparing for the SAT or any testing.  I honestly cannot thank Britt enough for everything she did to help me!
-SS, Student
Greenwich, CT

I just wanted to take a moment, before SAT scores come in, to thank you for referring us to Jesse. He’s been great for our son in so many ways. He has a great way with young men – he speaks on their level – yet commands their respect and attention. Best of all, he has been a positive influence in the short time he worked with him.

My son got his SAT scores back: Critical Reading 740, Math 800, Writing 730. Austin did an amazing job getting him prepared! They went out of their way to spend extra time with him through phone calls and help after class and were genuinely concerned about his performance. Thanks again for all your continued help!

John, I wanted to thank you so much for helping our daughter! She got a 90 on her Iran/China test! She had one of the highest scores on the test! We just can’t thank you enough for all your help! It has really helped her and made a HUGE difference – she currently has an A in this class!

Hey Marshall,

I thought the test went better than I expected it to be. With math, I felt like I knew how to approach every single question I saw. I believe 9 out of your 10 hints were on the test. The only thing I didn’t use was the hippity hop (I was upset no bunny). But I think the extra helps and just doing as many problems as I could really helped me.

We are thrilled to have found Sam as a tutor. My daughter has always identified as primarily an athlete, but Sam showed her that she can be a successful student as well. Her scores improved as well as her confidence in her academic self!

We spoke last summer about engaging a private tutor to work with our son. You recommended a couple and we engaged Cormac. I want you to know that Cormac was a fantastic recommendation! We’ve just gotten back his ACT score – a 33! Cormac was diligent and very patient, especially good at coming up with different approaches when our son was having a hard time absorbing a concept.

R. will be attending UMass Amherst in the Fall. He was also accepted into their honors college. He was also accepted to UConn, Northeastern, and Boston University. I know his SAT scores of 2120 helped him get into his choice of colleges. Thank you again to Duane Smith and Amelia Clark. Especially his writing score, which was a 780!

After attending several of Kristen’s SAT prep courses, I can confidently say that she is an absolutely fantastic teacher. Kristen’s clear lesson plan and engaging personal style make learning vocabulary a breeze. Moreover, her friendly demeanor engenders trust within her students, which serves to keep them engaged and motivated.

K. was accepted to Georgetown!! She is over the moon excited! Many thanks to you and your amazing staff for all your help and support! Your SAT tutors are fantastic and so supportive. I will certainly be recommending you to my friends and clients. Thanks again and all the best.

James was absolutely AWESOME for Latin. I can’t say enough good things about him!

Our daughter is loving these classes! She says you all know her by name, she feels super supported, she says you all are so engaging and make the work so interesting, and she is doing so well! There is nothing in the world more valuable than teachers that inspire and motivate students and make them excited to learn!


Thank you so much for teaching the [Biology SAT Subject Test] class. It was so helpful to have you organize the material, dole it out in manageable sessions, and give at-home assignments to keep her going strong in between. Knowing she was going to your class each week ensured that she kept Biology SAT studying on her priority list.

Hi Kyle,

I have some really amazing news! I got my ACT scores back, and I went up 6 points in my ACT Composite score, earning Composite Score of 30!! This is a huge improvement on my previous ACT Composite Score of a 24. I could not have done it without you!! I can’t even describe to you how happy I am right now! Thank you so much Kyle!

My daughter was accepted ED at Boston University for the class of 2021. Thank you for all the help!! You have a fabulous organization and have helped both my kids. Both kids got into their first choice school and I’m not sure either of them could have pulled it off without the help of your exceptional team.

I wanted to thank you for recommending Caroline to us for my son. We are all walking around our house on cloud nine!!! Today his scores were released. We are so proud to tell you that he ended up with a 34. He went up 4 points just by having 5 sessions with Caroline. Without you this would not have been possible.


The instructors’ knowledge and enthusiasm was instrumental; their emails were incredibly helpful, giving students a perfect guide to what should be happening at home between classes as well as in preparation for test day. It took the pressure off us as a family.

Hello Rick,

First off, thank you so much for helping me, I really feel like you prepared me very well [for the Chemistry SAT Subject Test]. I got a 740. Thanks so much!!!!!

I took the ACT prep class, and I received my scores back from the September testing date. My composite score was a 31, which I am very pleased about! Thank you to Austin and Peter for helping me perfect my ACT skills and giving me so much study material to work with and useful test-taking techniques, it all paid off!

I cannot overstate how valuable the skills I gained while tutoring as an educator and mentor have been in medical school. I am so grateful for my experience as a tutor and could not be more excited to have chosen a career where kids and their families will continue to be the center of my work.

Thank you for answering all my desperate, panicked emails and calls! Thank you for your patience and counsel….both are very much appreciated! All of the tutors we have worked with over the last few years have been outstanding!!!! You definitely have a skill for finding exceptionally professional and intelligent people. So impressed!

Hi Rick,

I got a 5 on the AP exam! I couldn’t be happier with my score and your course played a crucial role in helping achieve it. I thought the packets you made from old AP exams organized by topic were extremely beneficial. Thank you so much.

My daughter received 710 for Reading, 700 for Math, and 680 for Writing. The 700 in Math was the highest she ever got on any practice test, and her PSAT was 56. It is such a relief not to have to worry as much as we head into her senior year. Thank you very much and thanks to Rob who taught her courses.

Wow, remote classroom learning worked really, really well for us. Kudos to you for being innovative, creative, and thinking outside the box to problem solve and implement such an enormous switch in a matter of days!

I just wanted to loop back with you, and let you know we had a wonderful experience with Chris. My daughter thought he was knowledgeable and that he was also very patient, and good at explaining concepts. We would recommend him without any hesitation to another family.

This past Spring, you were so kind to arrange for my daughter to take Sarah’s AP Biology prep course. She received her grade this week: a 5. We are thrilled. Thank you so much for your assistance. It goes without saying that I will be highly recommending Sarah’s course – and your entire organization – at any and every opportunity.

I got a 1570 on my SAT with a 780 in Writing and a 790 in Math. Overall, I am super happy with how I did, and I just want to say a big thank-you for helping me achieve my goals for the test!


It is a big relief for my son to do well on the first round of SATs. His teacher was instrumental in helping him with the verbal. He got a near perfect score on the math but needed to boost his verbal. I wish you could have seen his face when he read the email. It was priceless! First thing he did was reach out to his teacher. That speaks mounds!

Allison was terrific! Can’t say enough. Professional, smart, kind, and on time.

Every student’s needs will be different, and Lynn Carnegie and Carnegie Prep show the ability to rapidly adapt SAT/SSAT tutoring to each individual student, with kindly encouragement, practicality, cost-effectiveness, and making it all seem almost easy!

I wanted to express my gratitude for Anya. She was a critical part of my acceptance into Wharton. Every week she would help me with my various college essays. She is so understanding and patient and incredibly intelligent. Without her help, neither me nor my brothers would be where we are today.

I just got my January SAT scores back, and they jumped 280 points! My December SAT scores were 1800 (680 in Math, 550 in Writing and 570 in Critical Reading). In January, I got a 2080 with 710 in Math, 720 in Writing, and 650 for Critical Reading. Thanks for all the help.

Thank you very much, Lynn. It was very reassuring speaking with you. Thank you for pointing us in the right direction.

Not only was Caroline phenomenal in helping my daughter’s scores improve dramatically, she was so professional, courteous and sensitive to my daughter’s workload. She was able to focus her preparation without unduly piling on the work. My daughter loved working with Caroline and so did I! I could not recommend her more highly.

Hi Dylan,

I just wanted to give you well deserved praise for all of your excellent tutorial assistance. J. says he is “excited” to take the test! It is clear that you not only possess strong expertise in the field, but also the unique ability to personalize the material for J. You covered it effectively, engagingly, efficiently, and with an infectious passion.

Thanks so much for all your help, Rick! He said your class was painless and “Actually Fun.” M. started the class with low confidence fearing the SAT process would be grueling and, thanks to you, was more than pleasantly surprised and achieved great results! We are referring many friends to you. Thanks again for all your help and support!

I want to thank you for recommending Kyle. J. scored 800 Critical Reading, 770 Math, 800 Writing! He attributes his success to Kyle’s fantastic tutoring. Kyle is extremely smart and knows what he’s talking about when it comes to these tests. Kyle’s kind and calm demeanor was just what J needed to be able to relax and perform at best.

Dear Lee,

We truly can’t thank you enough for your work with C. He took the SAT in Jan and March and scored 670 and 680 on Math. We came to you specifically seeking to boost his math score — and you took it through the roof!!! 800 (Math), 750 (Writing), 750 (Critical Reading). You boosted his score by 180 points in just two months–really extraordinary.


Lynn, thank you for your advice! Your classes helped our son win the maximum National Merit Scholarship for all four years at Northwestern. We are so grateful!

S. took the March SAT course. Her scores were solid but she wanted to do better (she got 800 in Writing, 760 in Math, and 680 in Reading). She had decided to take the ACT in April and didn’t study AT ALL. Miraculously, she got a 35! She was shocked. She thinks the SAT course she took definitely prepped her well for this ACT.

Dear Mr. Piotrzkowski,

I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for all the help you gave me in Chemistry this year. I got an 800 on the SAT Subject Test! I really enjoyed your classes and learned a lot from them and the materials you gave us. Thank you for a wonderful year.

My daughter met with Mike on Saturday. She thinks he is amazing and wants to stick with him for Math and Science. She said Mike clarified some things she NEVER understood before. Thanks so much for all your help with this process!

Ross and Austin, My wife and I are extremely grateful for your thoughtful and dedicated work with our son. Regardless of the outcome, he was well prepared for the ACT exam. He completed each section with time to spare and with confidence. Thank you again.

Cathy and Lynn,

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your Biology SAT Subject Test class was efficient & comprehensive preparation for the test. It was a great first experience for us at Carnegie Prep, and we will definitely be back for more (for both daughters)! You provide a valuable service, and we are so grateful to have had access to it.

Thank you so much for recommending Lee. On the January SAT my son got an amazing result! My son always came home and said that Lee challenged him and that he learned something he didn’t know.

Jerry, your mothers direction and support from day one with subject test strategy, pairing my son with Caroline for ACT prep and essay editing, you coming out of retirement to share your wisdom, providing a few other amazing tutors for the little extra push, and suggesting we find an outside counselor that’s a fit were all individual acts that amounted to something big!!!!

My son was accepted early to Dartmouth. He was just notified that he is a National Merit Finalist. He took the SAT twice as his calculator didn’t work the first time he took them. So he got 800 both times on the Critical Reading, Math 690 then 770 and Writing 740 to 760. Your teachers helped – no question.

After taking the SAT twice and completing [another company]’s course, my SAT prep was not improving. After just two months with Ken, I felt fully prepared to take the SAT for a third time and improved tremendously, increasing my score by 240 points. Ken was an outstanding tutor and succeeded with me where others had failed.

Just finished up the [PSAT] about 15 minutes ago and it went awesome! I remember taking it last year and felt overwhelmed with the timing and number of questions I was required to answer. The course definitely prepared me to be a better test taker. Looking forward to getting scores and sending them your way!

Laurie did an excellent job preparing our daughter for the SSATs. She also tutored her in Algebra where was she was among the top students in her class. She was delightful to work with and fully committed to the success of our daughter.

You have always helped us with great tutors. Hunter is unparalleled in his approach and efficacy. He has an easy manner and communication style that my daughter responds to. We have given his name to most of her friends who will be studying AP Calculus AB next year. Many thanks to you both!

Hi Allison,

So nice to hear from you! My daughter is deciding between Lehigh and Bucknell. Both terrific choices, can’t go wrong!! You were so helpful in this process and I would recommend you to anyone who asks. Thanks Allison!!

Sam rocks. My son had some issues in math and Sam boosted his score on the SAT by 70 points in just five sessions. If you’re looking for a super tutor for the SAT, look no further than Sam.

Thanks so much for advising me to have S. take the SAT in May. She ended up re-taking it. Given that most schools superscore, she’ll be applying to colleges with scores of 800 and 800…not too bad. I so appreciate you taking the time to speak with me. It was well worth it, and she never would have done it had you and I not had that conversation.

I wanted to thank you all again for all the help you’ve given me this year. I am extremely happy with my score and I owe a lot of my achievement to you guys. Thanks to your guidance I was able to improve my score and bring it above my goal score. The strategies you guys taught were not in any prep book.

Great news for B!!! He got a 33 (up from a 26 in Dec when he took it unprepped)!!!! We can’t thank you enough for all of your assistance… really have a great system with great prep materials – so glad that we made the effort to have B attend the session!! High five to Carnegie and all of its awesome tutors – you guys are amazing!!


My son has waxed poetic about you throughout the process and the support you have offered has been invaluable. College essays has not been an easy subject for our family and you have made it the best experience possible. Thank you for your generosity of spirit and time and we look forward to our younger daughter working with you next year and reading the final product.

R. was accepted early to the University of Pennsylvania. We’ve been very happy with the quality of your programs, the comprehensive nature of your offerings, and your responsiveness. Even though it was a very stressful time, I would say that our boys often enjoyed your classes. You have a talented group of teachers working for you.

Caroline was truly wonderful. She helped my daughter’s scores improve tremendously on the SSATs (on the actual SSAT, she scored an 80% percentile on her math – far above where her practice scores had been when she started with Caroline and the area that needed the most improvement).


The highest compliment from a 17 year old was bestowed upon you tonight: “a Beast” which means you are the most amazing person. A loves working with you. He thinks you are a genius and he loves your teaching style. I am so thrilled and thank you so much.

Dan, I ended up getting an 800. So much of the stuff was outside of what we covered in my Physics class so the course helped me a ton. Thanks so much.

My son, who is a young man of very few words, was eager to tell us how helpful and intelligent Caroline was just after one session!!! She helped him master it!!!! He got a 36 in Math. She knew he could do it. She told him that every time they met. She was able to explain the strategies to him and raise his confidence level by leaps and bounds.

My son definitely felt prepared! It made a tremendous difference, him taking your class. It also did with my other son way back when two years ago. Your teachers care and you care and it shows.

I can’t say enough good things about Connor. He worked with my son on the SAT, ACT, AP U.S. History and AP English. We just keep going with him because we were so pleased with the results. He was available and was able to work around our busy schedule. Could not ask for anything more.

Kyle is an amazing ACT tutor! He has the patience of a saint and my son’s score is every bit a reflection of him as it is of Nicholas. Lynn has been my greatest advisor these last 4 years and every word of advice she has given has been on the mark. So don’t go anywhere because I have two more kids coming down the line!

I have friends with younger kids and I am always saying that for prep testing they must give you a shot. You as an owner took the time to speak with me (for almost an hour the first time) and countless times after that. Before this roller coaster started, I wasn’t sure what I was in for, and you truly made it easier.

Hey Austin,

So turns out I didn’t make any of those stupid mistakes on the math section for the SATs! I got an 800!!! Thank you so much for everything!!!

I have some fantastic, and I mean FANTASTIC, news to share with you. You did amazing work with my daughter! I’ve never heard of anybody improving their score so much.

After the first class M. said, “John is some kind of history genius!” This Sunday when I picked her up she said, “I love history! I really do enjoy it.” I never thought I would hear those words uttered out of her mouth. Thank you so much for opening her eyes to this whole new world and inspiring her to appreciate what history has to offer!

I’d like to thank you again for teaching our class. It sounds impossible to effectively teach a class of exhausted high school students running on empty from a full school day and sports, but your class was very enjoyable and you kept us all awake! Thank you for giving me the tools to excel on the AP test.

I just want to let you know what a positive experience I have had with your tutors over the years. You, personally, have always taken the time (often 45 mins or more) to chat with me over the phone about each of my children to match me up the best tutor for each of them. My youngest has just finished up with Sam. He was tremendous!

My other daughter T. went from a 26 to a 32 by taking your ACT Blast. Thank you!!

Dear Amelia:

Your support and solid teaching helped L. get through the SAT and knock it out of the park. Thank you, thank you for what you did for L. in the classroom. Speaking from a mother’s point of view, I am very, very proud of him and very grateful for your help guiding him through the SAT test-taking process. You guys are invaluable.

After three sessions with Caroline, Z’s scores increased by a total of 230 points, 90 of which were in Math. Caroline’s style, knowledge, and motivation are impressive. She gave Z the confidence she needed to persist and achieve, sometimes equally as important for these young adults facing school stressors. A parent’s dream.

Our daughter received outstanding scores on her first try at the SATs. The Carnegie Prep classes and one-on-one coaching were definitely a factor, and we could not be more pleased. Rob was terrific in the classroom. Many Thanks!

Dear Lynn and Marshall,

Last night, my son came home from his final Math Level 2 SAT Subject Test class, he was literally grinning from ear-to-ear. Yes, he had had a practice test score of 800 and that is terrific! But what I liked most was he was soaring with confidence. He looked like a massive weight had been taken off of his shoulders.

I had a fantastic experience during the ACT course. I was provided with lots of resources to practice, and I also had the support of my teachers throughout the entire process. Each student was given the personalized attention that he or she needed in a classroom environment. I can not thank you enough.

I wanted to reach out and let you know that my son thought you were terrific. He was not super psyched that I ‘made’ him take this prep course and that he is now faced with taking the exam this weekend instead of going to a concert that he had his heart set on. Despite that fact pattern, he still came away saying he thinks you’re a great teacher.

Hi Rick,

I got a 730. I thought the [Chemistry SAT Subject Test] course was great. Thanks so much for all your help!

Caroline is the most amazing tutor! She is currently tutoring both of my daughters for the SAT exam. Both girls have already improved their scores over 300 points!! Caroline’s level of professionalism, knowledge of the SAT exam, along with her top notch organizational skills exceed the highest of standards. We are so fortunate!

Sam is modest and understands the subtleties of competitive applications to boarding schools. With Sam’s focused and insightful help, and time flexibility, our time-crunched son completed the exam with an overall SSAT score in the 95th percentile and with a much more competitive balance between Verbal and Quantitative.

Dan was very generous with his time (gave me 2-plus hours each time despite charging me for only 1.5 hours) and called me multiple times to check in. The Skype didn’t seem to make any difference, and I greatly appreciated his his time and his interest in helping me improve on the LSAT. Dan has an unparalleled level of enthusiasm.

Hi Matt. He scored a 5 for his AP Euro and is absolutely thrilled! As you might know, he retook this AP and made quite some sacrifices (didn’t join the tennis team at school) to be able to study all he could. I’m sure you were an essential part of this, he came home from your classes so inspired and saying that history could actually be so interesting!

I wanted to tell you that Dan’s tutoring my daughter via Skype is working out really well — much better than either of us imagined. She is very pleased with Dan’s style, patience, knowledge and personality etc. He always spends extra time with her and she is finding the tutoring very helpful.

I wanted to express my gratitude for Anya. She was a critical part of my acceptance into Wharton. Every week she would help me with my various college essays. She is so understanding and patient and incredibly intelligent. Without her help, neither me nor my brothers would be where we are today.

I just wanted to thank you guys so much for all you’ve done for me during the SAT course. Throughout the SAT course, you guys have been so incredibly helpful in preparing me for the test. Even in a group class, you managed to make us feel like it was a one on one session, and for that, I cannot thank you enough.

Hi Jennifer,

P’s composite score was 36! Thank you so much for your incredible hard work and efforts. We are so appreciative to have your expertise on our side. P knows how excitable I am, so it took him seven hours to tell me! (He’s very humble.) You were also always available to accommodate me and my hectic family schedule. All the best to you!!!!

Thank you so much for setting me up with Lee for a very solid SAT Session. I learned a bunch of new tricks for mastering the SAT and think that I performed really well on the most recent SAT. Thank you for all the help you have given me.

Connor’s deep knowledge and understanding of what it takes to conquer the SAT was undeniable, but what really set him apart was his demeanor and temperament. She was sad to say goodbye to Connor – his tutoring meant that much to her. Thank you for such a positive experience during such a stressful time and for the scores she needed!!

Hi John,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with US History this last semester!! I know the timings were so weird because I’m in Singapore, so it really means a lot that you took the time to Skype early in the morning. I also wanted to let you know that I got a 780 on the SAT Subject Test and a 5 on the AP! Thank you again!!

Anya knows the ins and outs of the college process. My favorite part about having Anya as a tutor is how enthusiastic and encouraging she is. She provides just the right amount of constructive criticism, so I never feel like I lose my voice in my essays. She brings out the very best in the students she works with.

We have six children, and have worked with Carnegie Prep and other organizations over 15 years, and have found that no one else comes close, in reliable, cost-effective, friendly, polite, super-competent tutors, with sincere interest in the kids being tutored.

A huge thank you for encouraging us to enroll C. in your prep classes. SAT scores were posted today and she did amazing. I think that’s pretty awesome, and we are really grateful to Rick, who not only made this rather painless, but infused some fun into it.

A big thank you to the team, and in particular to Amelia and Peter. My son just got back his SAT results – a 2290 (730 Reading, 770 Math and 790 Writing). The communication, professionalism and availability of your team gave my son the skills and confidence he needed. There is no doubt I will use your classes with my other children!

I could not be more thankful that Carly was my tutor for the Biology Subject Test! Her thorough understanding of the material, excellent notes, and positive attitude helped me to achieve a score that I am proud of. She undoubtedly has a knack for the subject and a deep understanding of the methodology behind the exam. I highly recommend her!


I trust you got K’s detailed feedback! She found incredible value in your [Math Level 2 SAT Subject Test] course and teachings. She recited several examples tonight of problems on the test that she had not yet learned at Darien High School, but she was able to work through those problems with skills that she learned from you. I give you five stars!

Mike was able to work within my son’s busy summer schedule to give him the help he needed to achieve scores that would be acceptable to the highly competitive schools. My son’s final scores were 800 on the Math Level 2, 800 on the SAT Math, and 36 on both ACT Math and Science. He was accepted Early Decision to Vanderbilt University.

I can’t say enough good things about my son’s tutoring experience with Carnegie Prep. His test scores went up significantly, but what I think is even more important, he went from feeling insecure and overwhelmed to having a level of confidence that has spread to his current studies as well.  The pairing of Kate for English and Mike for math is a combo not to be beat. Their “you can do this” approach instills confidence and brings back pleasure to the learning process.

My oldest son took your course to improve his first SAT scores. The second time around he scored a perfect 800 in Math and dramatically improved in writing and reading as well!! I can’t say enough about your program… the results we got simply speak for themselves! I would suggest this course to anyone and everyone. Totally worth it!

Thank you for helping my son get into his first choice school early action. Having gone to the SAT classes and the AP and SAT Subject Test preps, we are more than satisfied. The review classes were a great way to brush up on material and focus on his problem areas. Junior year was time intensive, but now that J. can reap the rewards, it was so worth it.

We are very happy that Juliana achieved her college objective. Kate was definitely a big part of that achievement! She was of great help as a tutor and is also an amazing person. Juliana loved working with her! We will be grateful for the rest of our lives.

We met with Lindsay tonight for Physics and she is OUTSTANDING. Honestly, one of the nicest, smartest, personable people, let alone tutors, that we have encountered. She is really a gem. Thanks so much. We only wish we had her sooner!

Amanda helped my son finish up the supplemental essays today. She was amazing, wonderful, and most of all an excellent tutor! I cannot thank you & her enough for all of her help with these! His AP English teacher read the Common App Supplement and told his the essay was “excellent!” We are thrilled and thankful these are done!

My daughter thought that Tim was a fantastic teacher and that his course was extremely helpful in preparing for the AP Environmental Science exam.

Hey John,

I would like to thank you for your excellent teaching in the [AP European History] review class. It helped me out a lot. I took the AP yesterday and thought I did pretty well. Thank you again, I will make sure to tell you my score once I learn it, and I hope to remain in contact with you because you are a great teacher.

Our daughter’s SAT instructors, Ross and Rick, were terrific and continuously available to her for questions and encouragement. Austin did a great job with the ACT Blitz course. The proof is in the results — 700 on the Writing, 710 on the Critical Reading, and 760 on the Math. Her composite score on the ACT was 34!

Tim makes the course interesting and therefore easy to remember. He’s also very active in finding a way to help his students, meeting with them one-on-one or changing his teaching style/notes format to his students’ preference. He is a truly excellent teacher, and I felt very well prepared for the AP Environmental Science exam.

Rick is the best. The kids adore him and he always goes the extra mile to help. He really cares and it comes through. My experience with Rick has been wonderful and I am very happy we made the decision to go with Carnegie Prep!

I wanted to tell you how highly we thought of Britt, not just in comparison to other tutors. She was cute and bubbly and upbeat. She gave B the confidence that B needed.

Cathy was extremely helpful for [my son] on the Biology SAT Subject Test. He pulled out a 750 which is not bad for someone who can’t slow down on a test to save his life! She was also extremely organized, communications went to the parents as well as the kids and very flexible which was wonderful.

Anya is a wonderful verbal SAT tutor. She tutored both my son and daughter. They only took the SAT once, scoring from 750 to 800. My children have different personalities, strengths, and learning/study styles. Anya easily adapted to these and made the time productive. Both my kids respected her and wanted to excel for her.

Lynn is awesome, totally committed and treats you as if you are her only client. She knows everything and everyone. Her tutors are exceptional and really want the child to succeed. I have used both the classes and private tutoring and highly recommend them.

Hi Marshall!
Thanks for the great class and all the dedication, I think it helped me a lot on the Math subject test!

I have been meaning to write you to thank you for helping J. out. The fact that he is willing to go and then put in the effort at home is amazing! Especially right after exams, etc. You told him what his teachers have said in his report card for the last several years – but only when you said it that it seemed to resonate with him.

My son said that the Math Level 2 class with Marshall was the “single most helpful class I have ever taken.” He got a 730 on the practice test. Thank you!!

Sam  – Thanks to all of your help on the SSAT, my daughter got into all 7 schools she applied to and is going to Taft! We were so lucky to have found you. I don’t think she would be going there without you. Thanks so much.

A huge THANK YOU for referring us to Allison for SAT tutoring! The sessions spent with Allison boosted R.’s score from 1390 to 1520 on Math and Reading (790M 730R) and from 630 to 730 on Writing… a total increase of 230 points! She was able to focus his attention on the optimal way to improve his score.

We wanted to thank you for the excellent tutoring provided by Jerry for our daughter for her SAT. He is a first class tutor with tremendous insight and knowledge. All of his advice and techniques paid off with excellent test scores for her. He made the process so much easier and his sense of humor provided a sense of levity.

The distance learning made the course a bit more challenging, but I really liked how the format and structure was basically the same as one that we would do in class, just on a computer.

Let me take the opportunity to tell you how OUTSTANDING John is. J attended the first review class for AP Government last night and came home saying he has never learned more in 2 1/2 hours than he did then. M was full of praise too, but coming from J is a whole other thing. Hats off to him…seriously!!!

The ACT Blast was awesome and the individual attention he received from Austin was the reason for C’s success. C. had a perfect score in Math (36) and an overall composite score of 32. We are so happy with the results. This score, coupled with his high school GPA, has him on track for admission to the schools he is interested in.

Lynn, Thank you so much for all of your help and advice! Sam was the best. Really I couldn’t say more positive things about working with her–if only everyone in my life were so conscientious, friendly, and diligent! We are delighted (and relieved) that the ISEE went well for our son, he worked really hard and I’m so glad it paid off for him. Thank you!

Thank you Lynn!! Amanda was great!! We have loved all of the tutors you have recommended over the years. Working with you has been really helpful and convenient, and I know it has helped my daughter get to this point. She is thrilled with her acceptance!

Dear Cathy,

D. has mentioned on multiple occasions that he is very grateful to have the opportunity to take your class. You have a talent for presenting the material in a clear and concise manner which has allowed him to learn many things that he wouldn’t have learned otherwise. He is very confident going into the [Biology SAT Subject Test], thanks to you.

I have great news! I have accepted my admission to Yale’s Class of 2020! I am very excited about this, as I know Yale is the best fit for me. I can’t thank you and the other Carnegie heroes enough. I really couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. John, Rick, Marshall — you guys rock.


I wanted to share with you the great news. R. scored a total of 227, with a 70 in Critical Reading, 80 in Math, and 77 in Writing. These scores are a 52 point increase from his PSAT last year. R. is thrilled at the results. I was glad that he went into the PSAT feeling confident and prepared.

Chris was an amazing tutor! Chris really took the time to get to know my son’s strengths and weaknesses so that he could advise us on which direction to go (ACT vs. SAT). He also offered many different strategies and tips based on my son’s needs. I will definitely be calling on Chris when my next son is ready to start this process.

This past year Carnegie provided my son with the appropriate tutoring to ensure he maximized his test scores and of course he did just that. He finished with all 5’s on his AP exams. Also with random tutoring throughout the year from your amazing tutors your staff was instrumental in helping him finish his junior year VERY STRONG -with a transcript to prove it!

Thank you! T. is loving his senior year and is thrilled to be going to Colgate! As always, I will continue to recommend you and your team as my go-to, get-in-to-college secret sauce!

Britt was so helpful with SAT math tutoring-she knew the topics inside and out, made every session enjoyable and always kept me on track.  I would not have been able to perform as well as I did without her help!

-HF, Student
Greenwich, CT

I attended Matt’s AP World History class on Sunday and really enjoyed watching him work. His style is very deliberate and straightforward, which makes covering such a wide range of material manageable. Moreover, he has a great rapport with the students. He’s unequivocally one of the best teachers that I have encountered to date.


Hey Marshall,

I got an 800 on the Math Level 2 Subject Test! Thanks so much for all your help this year. I’d call an 800 on SAT Math and an 800 on Math Level 2 a success! Thank you again!

My daughter did well on her ACT, a marked improvement from before taking your [Pre-Season ACT] class with Peter and Austin. She got a composite of 31! We are very pleased – she had months of private tutoring before we found you, and she never improved until your class. Thanks again.

We thank you for recommending Jerry for SAT tutoring. Under Jerry’s wing, K. did amazing on the March SAT and is a very, very happy junior…one time and done!

My son scored an 800 on the SAT Math II and a 5 on the AP Stats! Thanks to Marshall and Sam for all of the test prep support!

Thanks for all your support. You have a great team, and we will be back with our youngest in a few years :).

Hey Marshall  –

I felt really confident on the math sections. The easy problems were really easy, and the harder ones were extremely manageable. Thank you so much for all the help these past 10 weeks! There was one question in particular that I looked at and immediately felt bad for kids who didn’t have you and wouldn’t think to plug in numbers.

Your test prep team is so incredibly professional, capable but mostly committed to the students. I have felt a true partnership along the way of this insane process with you. I wanted to make sure you knew how grateful I am for your team! They have been more than amazing.

Cathy, I got a 740!! Thanks so much for your help. I thought the class was super helpful.

We can’t thank you enough for recommending Max as a tutor for our son. Our son has so enjoyed working with him in preparation for the ACT and as of late, the PSAT. He is an outstanding tutor, both in his knowledge base and his interpersonal skills. He demonstrates an excellent balance of empathy for the student, encouragement toward the student, and exhortation to work hard.

Kyle is an excellent SAT tutor. My son’s success is due to Kyle’s ability to quickly assess his strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to systematically address any gaps that existed. Kyle is enthusiastic, dedicated and extremely knowledgable. Thank you Kyle!

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Emma. She has been working with our son for just a little over a month. You can read below that his initial score was a 25 before any tutoring. He took a second practice test on Saturday and scored a 28 overall with two 30’s.
Thank you Emma! We are excited!

The SAT course was the key to unlocking his potential. This is a kid who truly struggled at school. His success will go far beyond easing the college application process. He is beginning to believe us when we tell him he can. His performance in all areas of life seems to be improving, and his confidence is growing. A parent could not ask for more.

Dear Duane,

I wanted to reach out and thank you for your revisions and comments on my two practice ACT Writing prompts over the summer. I am proud to say that I received an 11/12 on the writing portion of the test! Thank you again for you time and support. Without your help my score would not have been as strong!

Thank you again for having J. be a part of your program this winter. The instructors Rob have kept in touch, and I can’t stress enough, in such a personal way. But, most importantly, J. was able to get his math score up to near (or hopefully at) perfect, and also bring up his lagging English score – we are so pleased with the results.


Duane was incredibly helpful in preparing my daughter for SAT Critical Reading. After just a few sessions with him, my daughter strengthened her skills and the strategies he provided made her feel confident. Her score went from the mid-600s to an 800. She couldn’t have been more thrilled and is so grateful to have found Duane.

Thank you very much for the tremendous help during the ACT course! I especially appreciated the one-on-one feedback we were able to receive in class as well as the convenience of being able to approach the teacher by email on days where we did not meet. I would gladly enroll in another class.

I want to write to thank you for referring us to Caroline to help my daughter with her ISEE preparation. Caroline was very organized – I like how she would go through each topic that required additional help and how she organized the vocabulary learning. Caroline engaged well with my daughter and helped her feel motivated to learn well.

Hi John,

Lucy looooved your [AP European History] class today and learned so much. In answer to my question, scale of 1-10, she said 12! She learned so much and she said it was really FUN!!!!


When my son took his practice SAT in your class last Friday, he improved his last fall PSAT score (closest thing he has in comparison) by 100 points. You guys are wonderful.

C. is going to Dickenson College and her ACT score helped qualify her for a $30k scholarship from the school! I’ll be back with you again with her younger sister. Thanks.

Thank you again Lynn, your level of professionalism and attentiveness never disappoints. I will continue to recommend your programs whenever presented with the opportunity.

W. was reinvigorated after walking out of John’s class last night! You couldn’t have been more right about the level of appreciation our students have when reminded of how this subject should be taught. Thank you, thank you for all of the last minute support, it is really making the difference for us!

I worked with one of your tutors Jesse for the September ACT. I just wanted to let you know that after working with him my score increased from a 31 to a 34! We had focused on Science and Math, and my Science score went from a 28 to a 35. Just wanted to thank you for your all you do and say how amazing your tutors are!

Thank you very much for the tremendous help during the ACT course! I especially appreciated the one-on-one feedback we were able to receive in class as well as the convenience of being able to approach the teacher by email on days where we did not meet. I would gladly enroll in another class.

Thank you for recommending Allison. Our son and daughter enjoyed working with Allison. They both had excellent scores on their ACT exams (a 36 and a 33), as well as on their SAT exams. Allison is patient and is proficient in her subject areas. We would recommend Allison highly to anyone looking for a great tutor.

Hi Marshall,

C. got a lot out of the class and really enjoyed having you as her teacher. She says you are “funny, awesome, a great teacher”! Just thought you should know. Thank you for all your effort.

Thank you, Sam! I was struggling in AP Statistics and after just a few meetings with Sam, my grade in the class rose significantly. Additionally, he did a great job of preparing me for the AP test itself. I felt like I had a really good grasp on the material and his help made the AP much easier than I initially anticipated.

Hi Amanda,

On Monday, K. received a handwritten note from an admissions officer at [a university] – he said her essay was one of most memorable he’s read this year. They are flying her out in March to interview for a full tuition scholarship. Thank you SO MUCH for helping her express the “why” in her common app essay! She couldn’t have done it without you!

Dear John; I just wanted to say – thank you. A. came home from your classes, energized and enlightened. He really enjoyed your review sessions. You have a way of connecting with the kids. Thank you so much for making a difference.

Anya was an exceptional tutor for my son J. She cared about him in a way that almost felt like family. With her dedication, brilliance, cleverness and humor, my son bonded with her and did his best work. The test results were excellent. I cannot recommend her more highly.

Cathy, everything we learned from the course was present on the exam, so I am glad you meticulously went over each and every topic we learned at the sessions. There were also a couple of questions from our practice tests on the real test, so it was helpful that you gave us practice tests as homework. I thought you did an excellent job in preparing me for the exam.

Last night my son had his last session with John. He was the perfect fit. J would look forward to his weekly tutor!!! (Have you ever heard that before)! John is so enthusiastic and made learning about history fun. John has a true passion for his work. He is an asset to the Carnegie Prep team for sure!!

My son worked with Nitin to prepare for the AP exam and Subject test in Comp Sci A. Nitin so inspired my son that he is now seeking to major in Comp Sci at college. He just scored a 5 on his AP exam thanks to Nitin’s patient and caring manner. Thanks to Lynn and all her tutors my children have excelled.

Hey Austin,

I just got my scores: a 34 on reading, a 35 on writing, a 35 on science and a 36 on math! I just wanted to say thank you for all the help. Your class was awesome!

Rick was a great teacher and I mean really GREAT!! He loves what he does and is so inspiring!! H. had an excellent session and she really enjoyed working with him! Thank you so much for recommending him.

I wanted to thank you for encouraging me to sign up for the PSAT course. Rick was a fantastic teacher and I’m glad I got to know him before the SAT course. I was thrilled to become a National Merit Finalist but I am even more thrilled to let you know I am one of the scholarship winners! I couldn’t have done it without your program.

Sam’s knowledge of Statistics and ability to explain complicated concepts in a clear and thorough manner was essential to my daughter’s understanding of the subject. She was able to get a great score on the AP exam with his support!

I just read the essay. Twice. I am beyond blown away and so moved. Authentic, powerful and real…Personal and serious. I love it so much and so does my daughter. What an incredible professor you must be.

My daughter did so well with Jesse (an 800 on her Math Level 2!!!). He has done an amazing job building her confidence. I can’t say enough. In fact, my daughter said the saddest part about being done is that eventually she will have to give Jesse up. She is taking AP Multivariable Calc next year just to keep him!

Thanks so much for recommending Duane. My son just received his scores: 800s in both the Reading and Writing sections! Duane is a wealth of info about these SAT sections; we feel lucky to have had access to his wisdom. J says that Duane knows what’s important on the test and is able to break down the process and make it seem simple.

My daughter’s results on the ACT Math and Science sections greatly improved after tutoring with Jesse. Her score improved by 5 points in the science section! Jesse developed a personable rapport with her and quickly identified what she needed. His explanations were thorough and insightful, and my daughter enjoyed working with him.

Our daughters have taken many of your prep courses over the years. A. needed a boost to her scores, so you suggested that she meet with Jerry. Through all of her hard work and your son’s coaching, she was so happy to find that she improved her Math score by 100 points.

Our daughter is loving these classes! She says you all know her by name, she feels super supported, she says you all are so engaging and make the work so interesting, and she is doing so well! Thank you for everything. There is nothing in the world more valuable than teachers that inspire and motivate students and make them excited to learn!

I found Ken extremely valuable in what is required for the SAT. He is a patient teacher and relates well on a personal level. He consistently communicated the material well and drastically improved my test-taking abilities. As a direct result of working with Ken, my SAT score improved by 230 points.

My daughter feels uncomfortable bragging about her scores, but I am so delighted! We accomplished what we set out to do – her reading went up 140 points from the PSAT; her math went up 50 points and her writing went up 30. I am THRILLED with her scores and really THANK YOU, Rick so very, very much.

My daughter applied early decision to Colgate University and got in, and she is thrilled!! Lee was instrumental in helping. He suggested she switch from the SAT to the ACT. She ended up with very high scores, especially compared to the initial SAT performance. It was enough to get her into her first choice college, and she is thrilled.

I just wanted to touch base to let you know that things are going very well with all of my son’s tutors. Hunter, in particular, has been incredible. He has tremendous insight into how to work with a learning-disabled student. He completely changed his strategy with my son when he was worried that my son’s frustrations would affect his moral. I am so impressed!

Thanks so much, Lynn! You and Kyle have been such an incredible part of this journey and we cannot recommend you and him highly enough. Kyle is an outstanding tutor because of his incredible ability to teach but also because of his personality. He somehow combines being a teacher, advisor, and friend to both the students and parents in a way that makes the test process quite civilized.